Tomorrow night is the night of my favorite of all the self worshiping Hollywood awards shows. The Golden Globes always promises a more drunkenly entertaining event featuring stars from television, music, film. Dressed to the nines and all ready for self promotion, false humility and some serious partying – our favorite celebrities gather in a sea of borrowed diamonds and runway rags.

Ricky Gervais is hosting, which is a thrill for me. This man has to be one of the funniest alive. Any insult, vulgarity or verbal mishap can occur at any moment at The Golden Globes and the chances of that happening with Gervais at the helm is even better. These are the little nuances which make The Golden Globes superior to the at home audience than other awards shows. I only watch two others: The Emmys and The Oscars. And with them all I watch with the eyes of a young Heather. Listening to the acceptance speeches, fantasizing what I would say at the podium. I feel that pit in my tummy, sad that I never ended up in LaLa Land on the screen like I always dreamed. I tear up as I can only imagine the pride and excitement of finally making those dreams come true.

Ah yes, another epic long awards program forcing my husband into the living room as I fast forward through the musical numbers, judge the ridiculous outfits and cheer loudly when “my” person wins. And speaking of “my” people…below is the list of nominees and my choices. Again, as usual, I have seen a small minority of these potential winners. And for some reason, this year the selection was clearly from the mind of a 15 year old boy on salvia. But, I look forward to watching nonetheless.

   Best Television Drama:

Boardwalk Empire (never saw it)

Dexter (loved the first season, but haven’t yet caught up)

The Good Wife (like it…but best? No way.)

Mad Men (Yuppers, this is my winner of the choices)

The Walking Dead (Seriously? Different, but NOT award worthy)





Best Television Drama Actress:

Juliana Margulies (ehhh…again, good…but not best)

Elisabeth Moss (not as thrilled with her this season)

Piper Perabo (Huh? Who?)

Kathy Segal (still have not seen SOA, but hear it is excellent)

Kyra Sedgwick (my pick. I think she does a wonderful job as Brenda Lee Johnston)





Best Television Drama Actor:

Steve Buscemi (Never watched Boardwalk Empire, but I have always liked him)

Bryan Cranston (For the first time I am nchoosinging Hugh…Bryan is this year’s pick…superb)

Michael C. Hall (again, not caught up)

Jon Hamm (modern day Cary Grant, he’s got it all but Bryan is just too great in Breaking Bad)

Hugh Laurie (I “vote” for him every year as I LOVE House and him…but again…too impressed with Bryan)

Best Television Comedy:

30 Rock (yea, it’s funny. we get it. but enough is enough. no more awards!)

The Big Bang Theory (it’s cute 60% of the time. but that’s about it.)

The Big C (Here is where it gets tricky. I love this show SO much. It is wonderful in every way and I cannot wait for next season.)

Glee (If this wins, I will probably barf a little.)

Modern Family (Probably the funniest show in many many years. The writing and ensemble is outstanding and I crackthough outhout each episode. Because The Big C is also quite a tear jerker – I would classify it as a funny drama – I chose Modern Family.)


Best Television Comedy Actress:

Toni Collette (wonderful)

Edie Falco (fabulous)

Tina Fey (again, no more)

Laura Linney (spectacular)

Lea Michele (make her go away)

(Toni, Edie and Laura are all so excellent it is truly hard to chose. I think I have to chose Toni because of the role difficulty. But they are all so phenomenal.)





Best Television Comedy Actor:

Alec Baldwin (enough now…he is not a god)

Steve Carell (everyone knows he is extraordinarily funny. one of the best ever. and this is his last season….so why not.)

Thomas Jane (I saw a few episodes of Hung and did enjoy it, but I didn’t see enough to love it or him regardless of his schlong)

Matthew Morrison (oh shut UP)

Jim Parsons (funny character…not mind bendingly awesome however)




Best Drama Film:

Black Swan

The Fighter


The King’s Speech

The Social Network

(Have yet to see BS, TF and TKS. All look good and I look forward to them. Inception and Social Network – loved them. Really really did. I have to chose Inception because it is just so smart and amazing and thought provokimesmerizingerizing. However, the writing in The Social Network is superior.)


Best Drama Film Actress:

Halle Barry in Frankie and Alice

Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole

Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone

Natalie Portman in Black Swan

Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine

(I cannot vote. Haven’t seen any of them. If it means anything, I interestedntersted in Blue Valentine.)




Best Drama Film Actor:

Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network

Colin Firth in ThSpeech’s Speach

James Franco in 127 Hours

Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentines

Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter

(Only watched The Social Network – again loved it…and loved him. Excellent.)



Best Film Comedy:

Alice in Wonderland


The Kids Are Alright (how on earth is this considered a comedy…good movie, but NOT a comedy)


The Tourist

(The only one I have seen was The Kids Are Alright and since I do not at all consider that a comedy…I am not votincategorys catagory)



Best Comedy Film Actress:

Annette Benning in The Kids Are Alright

Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs

Angelina Jolie in The Tourist

Julianne Moore in The Kids Are Alright

Emma Stone in Easy A

(Saw Love and Other Drugs and The Kids Are Alright. This is another example of reacategorizingatagorizing. Neither of these films is a comedy. Some parts with humor…both good movies…but in no way are they comedies. But as far as acting…it is a toss up between Annette and Julianne – both were terrific)



Best Comedy Film Actor:

Johnny Depp in The Tourist

Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland

Paul Giamatti in Barney’s Version

Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs

Kevin Spacey in Casino Jack

(Only saw Jake and he is adorable, so I vote for him. Plus, he showed his butt.)

And that’s that as far as my picks. See, I guess you gotta get to the theatre more in order to make a fair assessment…but some of these moviridiculouso ridiuclous for which to fork over 7 bucks a head. The Tourist? You couldn’t pay me to watch. Alice in Wonderland? YAWN. Easy A…are you fuckin’ kidding me?? A movie snob, yea…I admit it. But I am also a cheapskate and will only pay for movies I think will be worth it. And rarely am I disappointed, so I think I will stick with my formula.


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