I am curious. What political party would I be a member of if I do not believe in the Constitution. Well, believe in isn’t the right terminology. I mean, it clearly EXISTS…its not a ghost…so I do believe in it. But I feel it is simply an archaic, outdated historical document (there ARE many) by which we should NOT be using to determine our fate as a nation. Where on the political spectrum would I fall then?

I talked a little more about this in an older post. I have to go to work now…discuss amongst yourselves.


2 thoughts on “Constitution, whatever.

  1. I would have to disagree…i do not think the Constitution is outdated…it is a living idea that changes and adapts to the current time and need…the “spirit” of the constitution-all men created equal, bill of rights, etc, are certainly things that have been interpreted differently over the many years dependent on the times but they are a foundation…the fact that the constitution has remained as a defining ideal of the country and has been interpreted so vastly is evidence, in my opinion, that it is living and growing and adapting set of beliefs, ideas and concepts, and not some outdated relic of times long past…In my opinion, the spirit of the constitution is very vital today and something that should be guiding our nation…i enjoy my right to free speech, as i know very well that you do too…i enjoy the idea that “all men” are created equal and as a woman, i can earn an equal living like a man, i enjoy the right to protect my home and the freedom to believe what i want to believe without fear of harm, etc…it is not the constitution that should be not be playing a part in running the nation, it is the fools we vote into office that are interpreting the constitution that should be given the boot…i am not a political creature by nature but i do believe in having a set of ideas and a plan of action (which is what i think the constitution is) to guide and delegate and protect everyone and a standard by which to set and measure our actions by…

    1. Laura – you make many good points. You are also much more educated than I am…so you know much more about the history of it all even if you are not particularly political. You are a smart chica…so I will take your word for it. Its a long wordy document and I am friggin tired LOL 😉

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