Well, I deleted another Facebook friend. And I did it in the name of censorship. Isn’t ironic (said in my best Alanis sing songy voice)?! I am a number one supporter of free speech, speaking one’s mind and being free to give opinions. But I realized, there are some things I have little tolerance for and it’s my goodamn Newsfeed…I am not stopping them from spewing their junk, just stopping myself from having to be subjected to it.

Last time I deleted a person for this was due to some very ignorant talk regarding gay people. This is one example of what I will not tolerate up in my face. (Yes, I said ‘up in my face’) Racism is another. Yesterday, it was regarding abortion. What it came down to was this person announcing that those who have aborted are murderers. I understand that this is common view perpetuated mostly by the Christian religion. Being against abortion – I have no problem with. I mean I am all for being able to make a choice and if it is one’s choice to be against abortion rights, I have to respect that.

What I do not respect or understand is the immense judgment. It is so funny that a religion which claims to not judge…so many passages in their “book” tell them that only God can and should judge…yet Christians have been THEE most judgmental people I have ever met. Not all. I repeat for those who often miss many words – NOT ALL. But in my own personal experience this has been the case. The most judgmental people I have met have been Christian. Most of all Christians I have met have been judgmental. Can you really blame me for my conclusion?

I have to ask…when these fanatic pre-life people (as if I am anti-life LOL) call another person murder, what do they hope to gain? I can only imagine how many women who have been in horrible situations having to make very difficult and heart wrenching decisions (again, probably not all) read things like that and feel horrific. To be called a murderer??!! So, is that the intention? To make people feel bad? Yea, that is SOOOO Jesus-like. I am sure he’d be oh so proud.

Here is an idea. If these people care about children so much, if they feel they are so much better than the next…why are so many of them doing nothing for the children who are already HERE. I highly doubt that the majority of the people who spew this bullshit are out fostering one of the 100 of 1000s of children in the foster system.  I doubt they are at the hospitals helping feed the crack babies. I doubt they are being a big brother to a kid without a dad in sight. What are these ‘saints’ doing with their life which is benefiting the greater good and the children they claim to care so much about?

If you are against abortion, I COMPLETELY support your right to feel that way and speak about your opinion. But if you start to use offensive language to hurt people…then you will be removed from my life. Sorry, but I get to censor and filter that which enters my immediate vicinity. Thank fucking God.


10 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Facebook Dust

  1. My mother gave up a little boy many years ago. You see, she was raped in high school and made the decision to give him up. So, I understand the difficult decision necessary for that situation. Mom and I discussed it many times.

    My evaluation of abortion is based on logic. The dictionary definition of murder, by paraphrase, is the taking of another person’s life with the intent of that end. So, by that definition, abortion is murder if you consider an unborn child alive.

    Regardless of the rationalization of why, the simple definition is met. Is it meant to be hurtful? No, its meant to be truthful.

    And, if you were wondering, we never have met that brother given up so many years ago. Mom is gone now too, so it will likely never happen now.

  2. You completely support the right of another person’s opinion, but not for them to use offensive language to hurt – correct? Well, I support your right to not believe in God, but not your choice of offensive words to hurt, ie; “Thank fucking God.” It’s a two way street.

    1. No, not offensive…more hurtful…personally attacking words is a better way to explain it I guess. However, I do know that I can be offensive depending on the reader and the particular blog. Thing is…this is my house. In your house I would never say things to purposely hurt or attack you. I do not make anyone read this and I try to stay away from things that I know will bother or upset or offend me. Not always, but I try. Like back when my hypochondria was really bad I wouldn’t let myself watch ER. If I was easily offended by swear words or blogs about not believe in the Bible…I would not visit my site.

    1. I really don’t think about it at all. I think the story makes it sound as tho he is nice and compassionate and kind and generous…anyway, that is what I always have been told. But I never met him…so I have no clue. He could be a total bastard for all I know. (oooopppss…he was, wasn’t he???)

      1. Well, He said he came not to unite, but to divine-three against two, two against three. He went through the temple money changers after having made a whip. He wasn’t nice. In fact, everything he said was quite radical.

        No, Jesus wasn’t a bastard.

  3. What you don’t seem to realize is that calling someone what they are is not a judgement. Calling someone who has an abortion a murderer is like calling a thief a thief, or calling a black person black. Or calling a sinner a sinner. We are all sinners in one way or another. So calling an abortion procurer a murderer is welcoming them to the club. By you deleting the person from your facebook, you have judged them. The judgemental one is you.
    In either case, calling someone what they are is one thing, helping them deal with it is another. I’ve been called a porno junkie before, and I was. One person who called me that showed me how to become purer and not deal with all that crap out there. If the person calling the abortion procurer a murderer is then offering a hand of help, then there is no problem here. Shouting someone down who’s had to make such a terrible decision is no good. Giving them a hug and helping them through their pain is good.

    1. I never said I do not judge. I DO!! But I do not go out of my way to hurt people. And this whole holier than thou idea of having to help and save a person from their own choices is insane. Who the hell are you (general you) to tell anyone how to think, how to live, how to believe?? Come on. How condescending. So a woman who was raped and decides to have an abortion is as much a murderer as Stevie Wonder is black?? See, now that is exactly why I am not a religious person. Makes no sense. But nice try and thanks for reading.

      1. Telling someone the truth is not hurting them. Sorry. It would help more if the truth were told before something happened than pointing it out afterward, to be sure. And I’m not saying how it was done is appropriate either. But to sit down with someone who is obviously mourning having an abortion and talking them through it, you think it’s helping to not call it what it is? The truth is the truth whether the other person invites it, accepts it, or not.
        To your specific scenario, yes, objectively, it is always evil to kill an innocent person, to destroy an innocent life. Certainly the rape that perpetuated it is evil too, but a life created in this way is still a life. But pregnancies resulting from rape are rare.

        The whole point of religion is to help people see themselves as they really are, and try to change for the better. Starting with yourself (myself).

      2. deeming that an abortionist is also a murderer has nothing to do with religion, its about biology and humanity. at a certain point a group of cells is a life. obviously there is debate as to when. immediately upon conception, after birth, somewhere in between? the fact that the united states govt has made third trimester abortions illegal should tell you that on that grey line, the point at which abortion is taking a human life falls closer to conception that it does to the moment of birth. maybe eventually second trimester abortions will be made illegal. the fact that abortions are illegal after a certain point does not certainly mean that having an abortion during those above time periods would be an act of death, but it should give you a pretty good indication that it is. extending that thinking to the woman who was raped, I support her right to choose. if it was my wife/mother etc. i would very possibly suggest that she do as the woman above did. regardless of that though, i think it is difficult to admit it is not murder. is all murder wrong though? well maybe not, how about euthanasia as an example. the fact is david is pretty spot on, it is still an act of murder.

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