Charlie and I had agreed not to buy each other anything for Christmas this year. I was the first one to cheat when I ordered a car stereo he had been droolin’ over. That’s HIS kind of internet porn…searching for various electronic toys (not the vibrating kind, sadly) on the internet for countless hours. Anyway, he had one day left it up on the computer and I decided to order it. I had to buy some clothes and get my hair did. So, I told him that would be my gift. But then I cheated again and bought him a new coat he really wanted and a couple other small things. Unfortunately my DUMB ASS left the receipt on the couch in the basement when I was wrapping. DOOOHHH! Cleaning – total neat freak – he found it. So he then decided he had to buy me something. Here are my Christmas gifts (along with the hair and clothes):

First was a print from a collection I LOVE called StoryPeople by Brian Andreas. It is called Late Night:

Of course, I love it. I could sit read these “stories” all day. This will be my 7th to add to my mini collection. The others I have are:

Clean Underwear

Illusion of Control:


Great Game:

Promise #1:

Quiet Pride:

Dark Garden:

Needless to say, I love my little collection. I am NOT an artsy fartsy person. I have a print of Dogs Playing Poker in my living room for Christ’s sake. I don’t really get art in general. It has to MEAN something to me. Most of it is pretentious weird shit in my wrong side of the tracks opinion. But these…I love.

I also received 2 bottles of Zipang. I tried this sparkling sake a few months ago and actually quite liked it:

One gone and one waiting. At 8 bucks a pop…I’m savin’ the last one for a SPEESHALE occasion.

Anywho…these were my ‘surprise’ Christmas gifts this year 🙂

I hope ya’ll had a great Christmas if you celebrate – if not, I hope you has a good


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