I was watching Dr. Phil today – shocker, right?? Is there anything I DON’T watch?? Oh, yea…Wendy Williams. Anywho…The show was about tough family decisions. In the first story, there was a man who is desperately needing a kidney donation. His outcome is likely death without one. He has 2 adult children who refuse to donate one of their kidneys. Not because he was/is a bad dad…but because they are too afraid of what could happen to THEM. Even with the statistics in their favor by FAR, they are not willing to take these risks for their father’s life. I do. not. understand.

My mother had to have a kidney removed a couple years ago due to an injury. Her having only one and me being a fearful freak…I have been worried about her one functioning kidney since. There has never once been a doubt in my mind that I would be the first person to DEMAND to be tested as a match in order to donate one of mine if she ever needed it. I wouldn’t even have to think about it. And this is coming from someone who is afraid of everything. Death is my biggest phobia and going under the knife is a close second. But losing someone I love – someone I could have saved…that would be far more tragic. Shit, I’d probably do it for a stranger.

I don’t get people. What are your thoughts??


4 thoughts on “Would You Lend Me Your Kidney?

  1. I had a very good friend donate her kidney to her now ex-husband. She was a match and he wasn’t healthy enough to get on a public transplant list. He rejected the kidney, his family blamed her, and things got ugly. He is still functioning with one kidney. HOWEVER, she doesn’t regret it. The surgery and recovery is way worse for the donater. But I would do it for a loved one if it meant they had a chance for a better life. My dad currently has 1 kidney and 1-1/2 lungs and is doing fine. Thanks for letting me share and make sure your driver’s license is marked accordingly with your wishes.

  2. I’ve lived with one kidney for 33 years with very few problems but I still always wonder – if something did happen, who would step up?

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