Yea, not much but generic blathering today. Just some virtual verbal vomit, if you will. No real need to read on…

I really need to figure out what I am making for lunch on Christmas. And get those teachers’ gifts. UGH, and the mailman. No! I am not ready for Christmas!! Can I apply for an extension of some kind? We have our first Christmas thang this weekend. This one will be with my husband’s dad and step mom. Christmas Eve (after work…yes, I am working. Who goes out to a restaurant on Christmas Eve? I hope there are a lot of atheists and Jews in Racine) we are with his mom and step dad. Christmas afternoon I am making lunch here for my family. And Christmas evening we are going to my step dad’s sister/mom’s. Christmas time is always such a ridiculously busy time. So hurried and full of responsibilities and obligations – there is no time to actually ENJOY it.

One good thing about this year’s Christmas…even though I complained about it earlier…our budget this year is WAY less. And thank God with property taxes due in a month!! I hear about what the gals at work are buying their kids and I feel like Joan Crawford over here. I mean, they are spending hundreds and hundreds…how do they afford it?? I guess I just never really agreed with spoiling kids monetarily like that, especially with actual bills being due. I would rather pay my bills on time, not go deeper in debt and spend a little less on gifts than dig our family into a deeper financial hole. I spent about 80 on each kid. That’s it. And really, they do not need more than that. Kenzie has like 13 Christmases in which she receives gifts…I mean, really…its crazy. Cassidy gets so much crap that there isn’t space in her room!! They are not wanting for anything. And we are very lucky in the way that our kids really aren’t spoiled. They are always grateful and thankful for what they do get. I know my daughter wants a dollhouse (the huge wooden kind which costs about 300 bucks) but she also knows – at 6 years old – that it is very expensive and she is fine with smaller gifts. They never really beg for stuff like some of the kids you see in the store and want to run down with your cart. I am very appreciative of that and can only (wishful thinking here) hope that they will continue this behavior throughout their teen years!!

About a week ago I cut my bangs shorter. I was growing them out…but it was taking forever and they were driving me NUTS!! Most men do not realize the agony of the bang grow out. It can be traumatic. Last night, my husband asks, “Did you cut your bangs?” He does not like bangs, I know this. But I also have never cut my hair to please him or anyone else. “Yes, about a week ago.” He got kinda shitty saying that he didn’t like bangs and he asked me not to cut them. I **cough** got a bit of a TUDE. I loudly told him that he has no right to tell me how to cut my hair. Then he brings up that goddamn goatee. Okay, he has this goatee, right? He has had it since we started dating. He has, on occasion, shaved off the entire thing and I HATED it. It makes his face look so different and I just do not like it one bit. So I  **cough** at times…told him not to shave it. I have even gone as far as to demand he not shave it. BUT…come on. It is different between the sexes is it not?? I realize on paper it seems hypocritical…I get that. And I guess it is. But isn’t it kinda different to a woman verses to a man?? Feminism can sometimes suck. ANYWAY…I will no longer tell my husband he looks ridiculous without facial hair. And hopefully he can suffer through looking at my big banged forehead.


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