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As of today our family has not had a modern day gaming system. My kids both have a DS…but we have never had a Playstation, Xbox or Wii or anything similar to those. I never really liked video games and I see how they are so violent these days (yes, I said these days as though I am 70). Seriously, they all seem horrible and not really what I wanted to use as a tool to teach my children how to kill cops or pimp out hoes. I truly believe those should be learned in a classroom. Anyway, I have made it this long without any arguments or insane begging. They are still young, 10 and 6, but I am surprised they haven’t asked for them much.

On another note – I have heard from fellow grown ups (cough, cough)  that Wii Fit is quite the blast when it comes to exercise. Now, I am sure it is known by some of you that I despise exercise in every form. I have not found one sport or physical activity in which I can say I genuinely enjoy. Yet, I still do it almost every day. I do my treadmill (aka dreadmill) 40-60 mins 6 days a week. I do a little yoga in the morning maybe 3 days a week. Arm weights, balance ball and other various floor exercises about 3 nights a week. I do these tortuous activities because I HAVE to. I have to feel as though I am doing (almost) everything I can to keep the weight off and even lose 10-12 more. I refuse to starve myself, so I must compensate with forms of tearful punishment. So I have heard these wonderful things about the Wii Fit and how it makes exercise actual fun. Skeptical but hopeful, I broke down and agreed to introduce one of these doo-hickies to our family.

We found a good deal from Walmart online. $250 for the Wii/Wii Fit and Balance Board. Also came with a few games. SOOO…we decided that would be our “family” Christmas gift. I was going to get the kids a couple little things to open and their stockings (of course – I am big stocking stuffer…wait…no, that’s not what I mean…) but that was about it. The Wii would have been the big gift/surprise. But my aunt called and said that her mom was going to gift to us…a Wii. We are going to send back the one from Walmart and just find the Wii Fit separately. But, because of this, I now have to get the kids actual presents. Fuck. Christmas is in like..what…2 weeks?! When I ask them what they want (they both have entirely too much as it is already) they are either vague or ludicrous in their wishes. Cassidy wants this 300 dollar wooden dollhouse. Sorry, hon, but mommy only made $20 bucks today. My stepdad said he would try to make one for her though, but not for Xmas. I think she also asked for a trampoline…she sooo knows better. Thus, it is guessing time. Tomorrow I will be off to Kohls amongst the crowds for their early bird prices and my trusty coupons (pronounced coo-pins…in Ron White fashion). Christ, that won’t be pretty. Sweaty, tired, hot, crabby, broke ass people cramped in store which smells like plastic. What a fun, fun Friday….jealous??


2 thoughts on “Wii, Wii, Wii…All the Way Home

  1. Hope you like wii fit! We do, though, my kids are WAY better at it! LOL! You may want to hold off until you get the wii unit before you buy wii fit. It often comes bundles in the box. Also, the, new last year, wii fit plus is good, from what I hear from friends — haven’t gotten it yet. This year they came out with wii fit plus ~ Nickelodeon, but it is priced the same as a regular game — about $40.Though I did see that it is on sale at Target stores for $30 this week. My kids want that one of course!

    Good luck shopping! My kids totally dragged out their list making. I finally said “You give me a list of you top 10 favorite things from the TRU and Target gift idea books, or you get what I feel like giving — clothes and socks!” That got them fired up! Nothing like the threat of socks under the tree to get them on the right track! =]

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