This weekend was pretty awful. Seeded with moments of hopelessness and despair. Many tears were shed, words were daggered and feelings were maimed. In those kinds of moments I sometimes see no finale to it – no light at the end of the tunnel. I – as I do much to often in life – catastrophize a given situation and expect the worst. It is a process that has protected me somewhat in the past. But it hinders me in most cases.

What I didn’t see then was that my world was not ending, my life was worth living, forgiveness is possible and sometimes a good gulp of pride is exactly what the doctor SHOULD have ordered.

A couple well meaning, good hearted friends, a patient, loving husband and of course time all helped me see that even a bad thing doesn’t have to be horrible. You can be in a moment of shear gut wrenching sadness one day and wake up the next with the realization that it is indeed a new day. Always remember that when you feel you cannot go on…that Scarlet O’Hara really WAS the voice of reason…’tomorrow is another day’.  Sleep on it and give time a chance…it really will be okay.


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