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On November 26th for 24 hours (ends midnight pacific time), we will be offering our best prices of the year…

$29.99 per day for The Fresh Diet’s Premium Choice Plan.  Regular price for this is $44.99.  

You will be able to lock in as many 31 day blocks as you like up to a full year. 

If you want more flexibility, you can order any amount of days up to 365.  Minimum is 31 days. 

Now this is important: This is the last time we will be offering The Fresh Diet for $29.99 a day.

This price will NOT be repeated again after Cyber Monday!!!

This Black Friday Special ends midnight pacific time the 26th  and for only 24 hours on Cyber Monday.

All you have to do is contact The Fresh Diet:

1. Phone 1-866-373-7450

2. Web landing page (specific to promo)

As our tummies and cravings are probably aware…Thanksgiving is a mere 2 days away. And of course, it likely does not end there. Turkey sandwiches, left over pumpkin pie, midnight sneakings of sausage stuffing…it could go on for days!! And after all of that many of us are left feeling stuffed and guilty and in search of some healthy help. Well, I have a GREAT option for you!!!

How would you like to have fresh, delicious meals delivered to your door daily? No cooking, no prep, no trans fats, no heart clogging grease….just healthy fresh food prepared by The Fresh Diet.

The Fresh Diet is unique and gourmet and will make you feel like as though you live in the Hollywood Hills with your own personal chef. From Smoked Salmon to Cobb Salad to Strawberry Cheesecake, your taste buds will be grateful and so will your waistline. This is the perfect way to lose that extra poundage before the New Year. Just think…a New Year’s resolution you do not have to waste on weight loss!!

Grilled London broil with haricot verts and celery root puree  Crusted goat cheese salad with Asian pears and almonds on a bed of mecsuline lettuce 

From The Fresh Diet website…here is what you need to know:

What is The Fresh Diet?
Fresh Diet is America’s Premier Daily Diet Delivery Service. Although there are many frozen & vacuum packed diet delivery programs out there, there are only a handful of services throughout the country that offer Fresh Daily Diet Delivery service where your meals are delivered fresh to your doorstep everyday as opposed to once a week via a costly overnight FED-EX fee.

Obviously the other advantages besides shipping prices are better quality fresh meals that have been cooked just hours earlier in addition to not having to store a week’s worth of meals in your usually not abundant spaced fridge.

Fresh diet has changed the way Diet Delivery will be forever with our one-of-a-kind online system that allows our clients full access over their diet and how it runs. We allow our clients to choose online all of their meals from over 4 different options for each meal daily.

We also offer our clients to choose any of their food allergies and dislikes and have our chefs create spectacular dishes for them daily while always keeping out any of their forbidden foods.

Besides leading the way with our incredible menu and variety option, we are known to have GREAT GOURMET food. While serving our clients 3 meals and 2 snacks daily we have a great opportunity to make all types of different delicious dishes. When eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, or one of their two snacks, our clients are always amazed at how delicious a diet can be.

Seriously, who wouldn’t love this help to get back on track or to start a whole new way of eating healthy??!! And now is the very best time to sign up!!


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