Dude Steals Downtown Ornament Behind Santa’s Back


After Racine‘s Holiday Parade last night and directly after the Christmas Tree Lighting, I was trying to take pictures of my non-cooperating family (hence their backs facing me). Suddenly I hear my husband say, “Did you SEE that?? Some kid just took an ornament off the tree!!” The guy next to us was just as amazed and said he had seen it too. These ornaments – as you can see in the picture – are huge…not something you can slip into your pocket. Still, I did not see this happen right in front of me. But they did – Charlie, the kids and the guy next to us.

Later at home they were talking about it and I asked if they could describe him and what he was wearing. They couldn’t remember. Then I realized…I didn’t see this happen because I was busy trying to take pictures. DUH!! Let’s check the camera!!

Sure enough…caught, red handed…


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