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Last week I received an email from an old high school classmate (Sarah) whom I’ve been Facebook friends with for a couple years now. She and her boyfriend (Brad), also a high school friend and now FB friend, are moving in together and they were unable to use the Chelsea Handler tickets they had purchased months ago. Chelsea was performing in Milwaukee for one night only and the tickets sold out pretty quickly. Soon after Sarah mentioned on Facebook that they had purchased tickets, I went searching as was shit outta luck – sold out. And the ones on Ebay were going for a couple hundred each!! I was super bummed. So, I am sure you can imagine how I practically peed my pants when I got the message from Sarah offering me the tickets!! She sold them to me for a SUPER cheap price and sent them the very next day 🙂 I was so moved because that kind of shit never happens to me!! Anyway, I was very appreciative and will have to remember to send them a nice lil Christmas gift for their new home 🙂

So the concert was last night. I do have to admit, we got off to a nasty start. We were running later than I wanted and was pretty grumpy (PMDD time…which always sucks…for everyone). He then parked in a ramp which was like 5 HUGE blocks away and I was really pissed. I was wearing ridiculous heels AND it was 25 degrees outside. I really coulda kicked him in the neck. After our long brisk ass walk while fighting…we finally made it. We had a little time before so we stopped at a small Mexican joint across the street and had a couple drinks. We got to the show and it was a fucking OCEAN of women. Seriously, if you are a single man and looking for a chic – be it skanky or relatively normal – a Chelsea Handler show is where you wanna be!! Did I mention the skank?? Because h.o.l.y. SHIT were there some hoochie mamas there!! Anywho…got to our seats and I was THRILLED to see we were right on the end…like two steps from the bathroom, right on the aisle and with a perfect view!!!

Chris Franjola opened and he was great – very funny. Unfortunately, none of the video turned out. Only a few of Chelsea (see below). She, of course, was also hilarious. All and all it was a good night and I am very happy we were able to go 🙂

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