Sandra Teichow Vigil


 I did not go. I feel horrible about it. I was weak, overwhelmed, tired and stressed. But those are not excuses good enough not to attend. I am ashamed of myself. I cannot write much tonight. But I wanted to post something so that any readers can easily find coverage about Sandra’s vigil. I know she has many loved ones out of town. I will try to keep this updated with related articles/coverage posted online about the vigil only.

Any up coming news about her case I will write about seperately. If you have stories, wishes, condolances you would like to share, please do so under the menu heading on the main page or click HERE. Otherwise I can also copy them there as well.

Thank you and take care of yourself…hug those you love while you can.

HERE is the link to the article and a small video from tonight’s vigil as reported by Racine Journal Times.

HERE is the link to the story and video by Fox 6.

HERE is the article and pictures from Chicago Tribune.

HERE is the coverage from WTMJ 4.

I apologize for not attending. Not sure to whom I am apologizing. I did not know Sandra. I do not know her family or any of her friends. But I guess I just feel I have begun to know her through the stories I read about her. So I suppose it is to her I apologize. Or perhaps to myself for once again letting fear and weakness keep me from doing something I should do.


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