Written by my mom, Rebecca DeGroot…wanted to share for a great cause!!

Gus: Maine Coon, Cat; Racine, WI


I have reasons to give:

Because I have indoor plumbing

Because I have a cell phone that takes pictures

Because I have comfortable running shoes to wear while I watch TV

Because I have a Nordic Track (aka clothes rack) for when I want to pretend to ski

Because I can buy a cup of pumpkin spice latte everyday if I want to

Because I’m never really hungry, even though I think I am all the time

Because I love my “used” dog and cat and my scratched up hairy furniture


I have adopted two wonderful dogs from H.O.P.E Safehouse.

Even a small donation will do so much for an orphaned cat or dog.

H.O.P.E. Safehouse, Inc.

(Help for Orphaned Pets through Education)

is a non-profit, all volunteer animal care organization, a ‘safehouse’ dedicated to the care and re-socialization of lost, injured, neglected, and abandoned pets. Through education and example, we extend the qualities of safety, shelter and compassion to all animals under our care, in our homes, on the streets and in the wild.


H.O.P.E has a lifetime return policy on all their animals. They are really getting hit hard by the economy. Most recently they have had returns listed below:

Gusto – adopted as a kitten – returned at 8 years this week – allergies.

Hydro – adopted in 2010 – returned after 8 months.



Hydro: Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Dog; Racine, WI


Jordan – adopted in 2003 – returned this year.



Jordan: Pointer, Dog; Racine, WI


Serena – adopted as a pup in 2005 – returned this year – divorce.

Sage – adopted as a pup in 2005 – returned this year.

Marvin – adopted in 2004 as a pup – returned this year.

From Lynn Nielsen-Eeg, the founder of H.O.P.E; This is not an uncommon scenario. There are very, very, few organizations that will commit to their animals for life and one must ask the question; “If you have saved this animal from being killed at an animal control facility, adopt it out back into society and the pet population; are you now not responsible for it for the rest of its life?”

Average cost for an animal that comes into the facility is $325.00. These costs cover vaccinations, fecal, urine, fleas, heartworm, injuries, illness, microchip and a host of other medical concerns. H.O.P.E. has no paid staff and is entirely operated by volunteers. 

Do you have reasons to give?


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