The Racine Interfaith Coalition will be leading a prayer vigil for homicide victim Sandra Teichow on Thursday.

The candlelight vigil is planned for 6 p.m. Thursday in the area of West Sixth Street and Mound Avenue west of the railroad bridge, according to the group.

Teichow’s body was found Thursday in a wooded area south of the intersection of West Sixth Street and Mound Avenue.

A memorial service will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at Horticultural Hall, 330 Broad St., Lake Geneva. 

As I have been keeping myself updated on the devastating Sandra Teichow murder, I continually learn more about this woman who offered so much just to have a terrifying demise. I have received comments from those who have known Sandra. And they all were clearly moved by her existence and pained by her death.

Updates on the case are revealing details which make the case more vivid in my mind. Something I am not so sure I want. Today’s Journal Times article explains that Teichow planned on handing out quarters to disadvantaged people at a laundry mat. Quarters were eerily found beneath her body at the scene of the crime. Police also found a digital camera revealing pictures Sandra took of her assailant. I told my husband the other night that I felt strongly that she fought like mad. They found her hands clenched with dirt and defensive wounds were present. I feel that with every horrible action taken against her, she still had the presence of mind to catch her very own killer by using the eye of her camera.

Even without her tragic end, Sandra Teichow’s life – the very little I know of it – reads like a fantastic biography. Her philanthropy, her travels, her nature…there is no doubt in my mind that her story could move millions. And her tragic fate would only be a small, ironic and unfair ending. I feel her life must play a much larger role than the moments before her end. I feel this is a story which should be heard.

The Journal Times also printed an article today examining the criminal history of the man charged in Teichow’s murder. It details what I mentioned a couple days ago. And there is nothing more clear about this case other than the fact that it never should have happened. And not because the world should only be filled with good…but because the courts had countless opportunities to put this man away for life. To put this man out of the way of potential victims. they failed. They failed more than once and many hands were in the pot which ultimately led to Sandra’s murder.

I don’t know Sandra Teichow. I have been told she was the epitome of a true Christian. Some of my regular readers know that I am not a Christian and have a hard time with organized religion. But when I hear about people like this…people who live as they preach, people who give instead of judge; this is what I feel Christianity was meant to be before it was corrupted by power, greed and hate. So in my mind she wasn’t necessarily a true Christian but really, a true human. Someone evolved and enlightened who chose to live in the path of her spirituality. How can anyone not appreciate that to the fullest?

I cannot extend my condolence to her loved ones enough.


4 thoughts on “Updates on the Sandra Teichow Murder Case

  1. Sandy volunteered with us building cookstoves in Guatemala in 2008. She and Denny were great volunteers, and I just recently searched for them just to get in touch. I am so filled with sadness at the loss of Sandy. She was such a bright light!

  2. I am so sad about Sandra’s death. I knew her many years ago. She was good friends with my mom and my step-mom. She really was as sweet as everyone has said. After my mom’s death (16 years ago), I lost touch with her. I’m really sorry I let that happen. “Life was busy” is my excuse. My loss. Because she touched and motivated so many people through her actions, maybe we’ll all be inspired to be a little more like her. Smile more. Share more. Reach out to those in need. I know I will. Bye Sandra. Say hi to my mom for me!

  3. I am with you on not being one for organized religion. For exactly the same reasons you have. When I thing of a true Christian person however and what I envision that person to be, I envision people like Sandra. There was no greed, hate nor was she power hungry. She simply made life a little better each day for those around her and she practiced everything that she believed in, which was all good.

    Let me tell you a couple more things about Sandy that have not been published anywhere. One year, a number of years ago, when my children were much younger and I was trying to make ends meet (I did it without the “aid” of food stamps or state monetary aid….and without child support as the ex had cancer) I was having an extremely hard time at Christmas time one year. Far rougher than any prior. Sandy made sure we had Christmas dinner that year. Without her, I have no doubt we would have had cold cereal for our Christmas dinner.

    Another example. The weekend before her horrible death, she came into this village and took a number of children of families that have very limited resources and took them shopping for new shoes. She made sure each one of them not only received a new pair of shoes, but GOOD shoes and shoes they liked.

    These are just a couple of things. The list is long.

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