The Racine Interfaith Coalition will be leading a prayer vigil for homicide victim Sandra Teichow on Thursday.

The candlelight vigil is planned for 6 p.m. Thursday in the area of West Sixth Street and Mound Avenue west of the railroad bridge, according to the group.

Teichow’s body was found Thursday in a wooded area south of the intersection of West Sixth Street and Mound Avenue.

A memorial service will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at Horticultural Hall, 330 Broad St., Lake Geneva. 

Updated 9:30am 10/17/2010

The woman who was found earlier this week deceased in the woods, was much more than a murder victim. Much more than just a story, a crime scene or a devastating conversation. Sandra Teichow was a teacher, a humanitarian, a world traveler, a mother and a wife. It is clear by the information I have read on her FACEBOOK page and newspaper articles (which I will list below) that she was a person of many talents, joys and wishes.

When this murder was first reported, someone on my Facebook page said that usually in these situations, the victim is part of the problem. Hanging out with seedy characters, committing illegal or dangerous acts is what he thought may be the reason for this unknown female’s death.

Well, Mrs. Teichow sadly proved him wrong. From her charity efforts to her teaching resume, this woman was clearly a pillar of society who lived a life for which we should all strive. Being in her 60s was clearly not slowing her down as she recently traveled around the world. Perhaps, God…or whatever force or higher being you may chose to believe in…wanted to share her qualities with as many people as possible before she was to be taken from this world. From Guatemala to Belarus…I am sure her smile is recognized by random individuals across the globe.

Teichow spent much of her life as a humanitarian bettering the lives of those less fortunate around the world. Teaching in many underdeveloped countries is how she spent much of her time.

Many are shocked and agonized over this loss. Sandra’s light clearly helped, eluminated, and brought joy to many. She dedicated her life to simply doing good and caring for others. In fact, as a sad but fitting irony, Mrs. Teichow was in Racine that fateful day for charity purposes.

When I read about people like Sandra, having never met her; having never known of her, I feel the desire to change my life to some degree. I want to do better, be better. I come to the knowledge within of who we are and what our purpose truly is – to love, to teach, to grow. Sandra seems to be one of the few in this world who found that enlightened path and went forth without inhibition, fear, or doubt. She made action out of what are merely fleeting thoughts to most of us. That truly inspires me.

My heart goes out to her family and to the people whose lives were touched by Sandra. Their pain is inconceivable. We all have questions about this devastating crime. And I can say for myself that I hope the guilty person is caught and punished severely.

So often in Racine, we read about victims who were killed during drug deals or drive-bys. Victims who were not exactly innocent themselves. So the public begins to adorn a callus-like Armour and so many of us have become desensitized. But because of this, we lose our compassion, our empathy and our humanity. Sandra reminds me that victims never deserve this kind of fate regardless of what occurred. Sandra reminds me that wonderful people die by the hand of others all of the time. And Sandra also reminds me to hold my family near because we never truly know when life will be cut short.

Sandra Teichow left this world in a tragic, difficult and very heartbreaking way. But she did more when she was here than most of us hope for. She touched more than most of us will meet. She lived a thousand lives comparablyy. For that, I know her loved ones must be so proud. But also for that, her loved ones must sense such loss. Let her death not be vain. Let her life show us the way in which to live.

Rest in peace Mrs. Teichow…I am sure you will find much to do where you are now…



17 thoughts on “Sandy Teichow: Teacher, Humanitarian, World Traveler, Wife, Mother

  1. I am a former colleague of Sandy’s and am now in Oxford, England. I am devastated to hear about Sandy. She was the kindest, nicest lady you could meet. Her huge smile with a hug and “good morning girlfiend” brightened my days in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Her tragic and untimely death does not make sense in any way. I will be keeping the Vigil in memory of a wonderful lady with you all tomorrow. My prayers and sympathies are with Sandy’s family and her friends all over the world.

  2. Hello! I am the former brother in law of Sandy. My now deceased brother, John, was married to Sandy about 40 years ago and our family still considers her our family. I am of course the uncle to Sandys 2 children. I last saw Sandy and her wonderful husband Denny 2 summers ago at a cottage in Traverse City, Mich., along with Molly and her husband and 2 children. My wife and I invited them up along with other family members. Sandy was a wondeful person. There would have to be something wrong with somebody if they did not like her. Thank you so much for this internet site and kind comments. It all seems like a nightmare that we will all wake up from. I will never be the same again and do not know how I will recover but I am a husband, Father, Grandfather ,Uncle and friend to many people so I have to find a way. Today, the good people of this country are affraid of crimminals, we need to change that for the sake of our children. Lets, as citizens, make the ”bad guys” affraid of us. Many of us will be traveling to Wisc. in a few days to celebrate Sandys life. She is ok now and thats what we need to keep in mind. It would seem that if someone wanted to know what describes Sandy one might look up the words “kind” or ”caring” or ”lovely” or ”wonderful”. Sandy was too good for this world, she must have come here on a mission to be a mother, wife, daughter, aunt, sister and friend to many, too many to count. She taught us a lot about what a human being is supposed to be like without even knowing it. Thanks so much to everyone for kindness expressed in so many ways. Tom Jantz, Michigan.

    1. Tom, please know that your family has been in my thoughts. Many strangers in a strange land (Racine) are keeping all of her loved ones in their thoughts and prayers (for the religious people). There is a vigil Thursday evening here and I am certain it will be quite a crowd. This woman whom you have known for many years quickly became very important here. ((HUGS))

  3. hii
    this is kavya n im from minsk international school
    im one of her students
    she was one of the most active, cheerful and amzing person n a teacher i’ve seen in my entire life i remeber we read Frankenstein with her it just made it so much fun n it was a shock for me to hear this.
    we really miss her and just want to say she was always be alive in our hearts..

    1. Kavya, thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I feel sharing these stories about her will help keep her legacy growing. I also believe she will be teaching forever. Best to you!!

  4. My family and I came to know Sandy and she is everything you think she is–a truly, truly wonderful person. Always enthusiastic, positive, loving, and thoughtful of others. We have been keeping Denny and their family in our prayers.

  5. Living in Sharon WI, I came to know Sandra personally. She brought life back into this village with her wonderful smile, non-stop energy and faith in the good of mankind. Victorian Christmas and Model A day are well know in the area and wouldn’t be today if Sandra had not been the creator of them while working for MainStreet. She oversaw them for years, giving all she had to make sure they were successful. She gave and gave and gave in so many ways. Soft spoken and a heart of gold. I went into shock when I found out she was murdered. All I could keep saying was “No.” “No.” “No.”

    You have written a wonderful tribute to this woman. Thank you for taking the time and showing your compassion for a wonderful woman who will be missed around the world. She was an excellent example of exactly what a true Christian should strive for and be.

    1. The more I read comments and messages from those who knew her, the more I feel how much I would love to write her biography. At least, I feel there should be one. Even without having had met her – I am certain she was like no other. My thoughts and heart go out to all who are experiencing the loss of Sandra.

  6. I am family by marriage…Uncle Den and Sandy were married the year after us and were a match made in Heaven. She was so fun and full of life – we (my husband and I) often said how they lived life more fully than we did (30 years their junior). Our hearts are hurting.

    1. I sincerely sympathize with you. And my thoughts have been surrounded by Sandra, a complete stranger to me, all weekend. So I cannot even try to conceive what her loved ones must be feeling. Please know my deepest sympathies and thoughts are with you.

  7. I knew Sandra personally and all you say about her is so very true. She was truely one of God’s special angels in this world. Thank you so much for writing this wonderful tribute.

    1. My heart goes out to you and I am so very sorry for your loss. She sounds like she knew how to really live life. I hope many follow in her path. I truly wish I had known her. (((HUGS))) to you.

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