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My step daughter’s Girl Scout troop is having a lock in tonight. In the memo they asked for parents to bring “soda” (2 liters, to share with everyone). Only soda was mentioned as a beverage option. I know I seem like such an asshole about this…but WHY? For what purpose must you allow these kids (kindergarten – 5th grade) drink soda all night long? Kids these ages have little to no self control. EVERY intelligent person in this country knows by now that soda is horrible for people – let alone kids. Caffeine, sugar, chemicals…it can and is actually dangerous to many. So wouldn’t you think that an organization like The Girl Scouts would make healthier choices for the kids during such events?? I mean…it didn’t even MENTION juice or water. They are already going to be eating pizza and chips and lord knows what else…which whatever, I understand it is a special occasion…but come on. At least there is SOME nutritional value in pizza. At least it provides SOME kind of sustenance. But soda – none.

To me, when thinking of beverage options for kids…never once does soda EVER pop into my head. Yea, they may have a diet caffeine free 7up to split here and there – but that is rare. Milk, water, juice, lemonade, crystal light….that’s about it. Why would you ever choose soda when at these ages we still have some sort of control over this. In a few years, we won’t and we have to hope for the best. But now, while in our homes…why not make the healthier choice?

I just know my step daughter is going to come home sick tomorrow. And we have plans in the morning and if they are ruined because she is sick from eatin’ shit and drinkin’ soda all night long I WILL be pissed.


3 thoughts on “Do They REALLY Need to Drink Soda All Night??

  1. Trip,

    Sure you can join me! 🙂 My friend told me to send a bottle of Jack and then I would never have to bring anything again LOL. Actually, they are not asking everyone…just a few…so I am not sending anything. If everyone else is having soda, I can’t make my step daughter be the only one who brings the water…she already hates me.


    That does not make someone a bad person. I also do not eat as healthy as I should or as healthy as my child. Can’t say children because I don’t always have control over what my step daughter eats/drinks. I gave up soda when I was diagnosed with a heart arrythmia…no caffeine allowed unless I want a possible trip to the ER. I have tried to make a lot of healthy changes in my life these last 6 or so years…gradually. But I sure still have my vices (chocolate being a big one…I actually keep it hidden, the kids don’t know its there…isnt that awful??!!). I just want to keep my kids as innocent and healthy as possible for as long as possible. We lose “control” soon enough so I am going to make the most of it while I have it. 😉

  2. I can’t relate. I am an awful person, I live on Mt. Dew. I have cut way back, used to drink a 12 pack in 2 days, now it’s 2 weeks. It’s my coffee in the morning. Can’t drink coffee, hate the taste.

  3. I agree. May I join you on that soap box? You ought to send the beverage of YOUR choice. Perhaps one, or more of those children don’t want soda. Maybe I’m too optimistic…

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