When I wrote this blog I also sent it in to the Journal Times as a Letter to the Editor. It is in today’s paper:


As many Americans probably are, I have been thinking a lot about the bullying in this country and how it is becoming a fatal epidemic. It has always been something I felt strongly about. However, I would like to focus on the thought of gay bullying in particular.

As long as our own government, members of congress, military and even our President allow and condone prejudicial legislature – this ignorant, fearful and ridiculous bigotry will never cease. As long as practices such as Don’t As Don’t Tell remain in effect, the judgmental, radical members of society will feel entitled to harass. As long as our states continue to disallow gay marriage, people will not evolve enough to understand that you cannot legislate whom a person loves. As long as adoption agencies are allowed to dismiss homosexual applicants, people will remain in the mindset that gay equals wrong.

You want to change minds? You want to see an end to these suicides, this harassment, this bullying and this hate? Then YOU need to vote for and VOCALLY SUPPORT politicians who fight to repeal these outdated, bullshit laws and who support new laws which protect ALL members of our country.

Until that happens, we will continue to see the ignorance trickle down from government to business owners to teachers to parents to church members right down to the children who will one day very soon have control of this country of which so many claim to be proud.

Hate me if you wish, but until real change happens…I feel no patriotic pride whatsoever.


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