***Update (original blog below written September 13th) – Today there is a new ad in the Racine Journal Times yet again for the same position I applied for…same position I am OVERLY qualified for…it proves even more to me that her last reply to me was total B.S. This really upsets me. This is where my skill set lies…in this work setting. NOT serving where I will likely make a fool out of myself. You know, they say right on the CCAP site that using that info for employment decision is illegal. Yet, do you think this has EVER been prosecuted? I highly doubt it.

As I have spoken about in the past, I have basically given up on finding a job. With the way companies check CCAP before you can even get an interview, it feels more and more impossible. I may have mentioned this, not sure, but the last attorney I spoke to told me that everyone looks at CCAP because it is free and my best bet would be to start my own business. (As if it is THAT easy.)  I have been turned down for countless jobs for which I am OVER qualified. I couldn’t even get a cashier position at Kohl’s because right on the application it asks whether or not the applicant has been CHARGED (not convicted…and just about anyone can be CHARGED with anything) with a felony. Stupidly, I was honest. And this was back before the job market crashed. Call centers, administrative work, customer service…all jobs I have not only done in the past…but excelled when I was there. I can do these duties blindfolded for Christ sake.

So, with the last job I applied for (call center…very simple shit here, people) I got a little extra peeved. I was told by a person who currently works there that they desperately needed people and I should apply. Immediately I sent in my resume and received this response right away:

Hi Heather – thank you for submitting your resume.  I will look it over and get back to you shortly.  I noticed you were looking for a part time position.  What hours were you interested in working?

My response:

Thanks for responding! Ideally, I would like anytime after 3:30pm…maybe 25 hours or so a week. I do not need benefits. But, once my daughter starts school in the fall, my schedule will be MUCH more flexible.  What hours were you looking to cover?

 Thank you again and hope to hear from you soon!


Our night shift is from 5 – 9 on Mondays – Fridays.  We do have a weekend shift that goes from 9 – 4 on Saturday and Sunday.  However, we can be flexible with hours based on your schedule.

 Ill be in touch.


Sounds perfect!  Look forward to hearing from you!!
Have a good rest of the day!!
Then I heard nothing for about a few weeks, so I sent this:
Good morning!
I just wanted to touch base with you and inquire whether or not you have filled the position/s you were seeking.
Thank you and have a great Friday!!
Her response:

Hi Heather – we are still reviewing resumes. I will keep you in the loop.


And as of September 8th, I had heard nothing…yet I saw a NEW ad in the paper for the position in which I applied. So I sent this (knowing the real answer already – CCAP):

I am writing to you today with just a couple questions regarding my applying for a position with XXXXX. Several months ago, I learned from a current employee that your company would be hiring due to a high volume of work. I immediately sent my resume to your attention. You rapidly responded back to me, which was very much appreciated. I knew that my skill level and experience made me an ideal fit and I hoped to be able to show that to you and your staff.
A couple months goes by and I had not heard anything, even after a follow up inquiry. And then this weekend I saw an employment ad in the Racine Journal Times.
Because of this, I would like to know what made me unacceptable for these positions. If there is something I can change to aide in my job search, I would really like to know what that may be. I would also like to determine your department’s decision to not bring me in for an interview. I feel that having this information may help in my future employment endeavors.
Thank you for your time.
And today, I received this response:

Hi Heather – thank you for your email.  Unfortunately, when we are recruiting for a position there are many different things we look for on resumes, specifically for our call center and 100’s of resumes come in – especially during this tough job market.  When I showed the owners the resumes that came in, we picked a few out to do phone screens and interviews for.  I apologize that yours was not one of those.

This does not mean that your resume was not good or that there are specific things you need to work on.  It just simply means that another candidate fit the bill a little bit better.

I wish you well in your future endeavors.
Take care,

Now, I am sorry to be rude…but this is horse shit. Call centers were at the beginning of my job experience and I am way beyond that in my skill level and experience. I cannot tell you how much this shit pisses me off. I cannot tell you how defeated it makes me feel. Of course she wasn’t going to tell me the real reason – because it is illegal!! But I bet my left tit that CCAP can be found on her website history.

2 thoughts on “False Accusations + CCAP = No Interviews – UPDATE

  1. Start your own business in something you have passion about. I jumped in with both feet at probably the worst possible time in economic history. I started a company as the economy was in a serious nose dive. The first year we treaded water, but still came out a little in the black. The second year we did a little better and this year we seem to be doing ok. The way we are looking at it, many of our competitors are out of business, struggling by laying off tons of their people, or they are trying to reinvent themselves. We have stayed the course, do what we do best and are content with that for now. The business world’s use of “over-qualified” is ludicrous. If a person wants the job, they should get it, even if they are way above the position. From a business standpoint, I would actually think that would be desirable. Much more ways to put the person to use. Of course, lots of qualifications and experience usually lead to more money, and well, companies don’t always like to pay good wages for people. Don’t settle, develop a serious plan. Lots of people have started businesses in their basement, kitchen or garage and they are happy, making a little money and surviving. Hang in there, I know it’s tough, but we can always look at those around us with more, and yet we forget there are a lot more around us with less.

    1. I have had some business ideas. But they all will need start up cash. I will have to wait until the economy gets better. I was told they dont really even give small business loans around here right now. For now, I will be serving and bartending. (sigh)

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