Today was my appointment with the Doctor. Turns out I will need to have a hysterectomy. The fibroid isn’t that large – about golf ball size. But it is in a bad place and messing with my bladder and causing other problems. I am petrified. He said he would be doing most of it laproscopically and then the rest vaginally. I will be under general anesthetic – which scares the absolute shit out of me. Closest to being dead as possible. HATE IT. 4-6 weeks recovery. Hospital stay 1-3 days. Its one goddamn thing after another…

I don’t feel much like writing today. Maybe later or tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Hysterectomy

  1. Hysterectomy should always be the LAST option. I had a pedunculated fibroid that grew to the size of a tennis ball that made its way past my cervix into my vaginal canal. I got a vaginal myomectomy for the procedure. There are other myomectomies that are less invasive and do not require the ENTIRE REMOVAL of your reproductive system. Please consider all of your options.

    You can find my story and other useful information here:

    1. Elaina,
      Thank you and I will check out your blog. I really think it is more his fear of the cancerous cells returning on the cervix than just the uterine fibroid. Both of those reasonings together…also I have a very high and tight cervix which makes certain procedures more difficult and dangerous. So I really think it is a combination of all of that.

    1. Thanks Trisch! Yes, it will be partially laprascopic. They do that part first to cut everything away and then finish vaginally. Can you tell me about your surgery? How long were you under, pain, recovery, etc??

      1. My gall bladder was only about an hour long. I personally do not do well with coming out of any anesthesia, but that was also back when I smoked 1+ packs a day… Otherwise, the recovery was easy.
        I had a massive breast reduction surgery the year following which was several hours under heavy anesthesia — that was also a good recovery, mostly because I had enough help.
        If you are comfortable with your Dr. and your hospital, and have someone with you to be your advocate you should be fine. I think that is the most important part of any surgical procedure, once you know it is the ONLY choice. I still hope you will get a second opinion just to make sure you don’t have a major procedure unnecessarily.

  2. I get to keep my ovaries so no hormones needed. THANK GOD!!! Otherwise I would have argued more about getting it. And you must have forgotten. I am Italian. I already HAVE a mustache LOL 😉

    1. literally laughed out loud at that one!!! mind over body…the positive attitude will make a difference…don’t let it go!

  3. Thanks Laura. And that IS a plus considering what I spend on stuff lol. My mom keeps reminding me how wonderful it is to not have a period again…ever and how much she has loved it. Only bad thing…they destroyed one of her kidneys and we didn’t find out for 20 years that her kidney was dead and could kill her. She had it removed a couple summers ago. FUN. Lets hope they have come a long way since then 🙂

    1. sorry but i just had a funny thought…though you may not think so!!! have you looked into the positives and negatives of hormone treatment post surgery…it would be awful to grow a mustache!!! LOL…just kidding…again, trying to lighten the mood!!!

  4. Sorry to hear this…i can only imagine the sense of loss that comes with this type of procedure…
    but if i can offer one ray of sunshine…NO MORE PERIODS!!! Does that help in the slightest??? 🙂

    (Sorry, i am sure you’re not in a sunshine kinda mood…)

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