I had another business idea. Not that it matters….

A building…much like a tanning salon, there would be small rooms within. Each room would be sound proof, comfortable bedding and a very relaxing/spa like atmosphere. In that room the customer would take a timed nap. Upon waking they would be able to order the beverage of their choosing from an array of protein shakes, veggie smoothies, cappuccinos, etc. It would be located around business/industrial parks…office districts…the like.

Something like…

Fancy Cot…

Because we need you, they need you and most of all, YOU need you.

Studies show that a 30 minute nap in the middle of the day can lower your risk of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, (blah blah). Only an hour for lunch? Come to us for a short, life saving snooze and we will have your healthy beverage of choice waiting when you awake.

Fancy Cot…

Your nap away from home.


Be honest…is it really super stupid???


6 thoughts on “Business Idea…Your Thoughts???

  1. It’s not stupid – I just don’t think that many people in Racine would see the benefit and in this economy it probably won’t be widely used.

  2. I think that is an awesome idea. Especially when you’re an overworked mother! A place where you don’t have to hear the word “mom” over and over and over again; or listen to a phone ringing, kids screaming, or annoying co-workers.

    I would give my left foot to be able to escape to a soundproof room even if just for 15 minutes!

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