Greg Giraldo in San Francisco
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I was so self centered today that I heard only now that we lost a very funny man yesterday. Greg Giraldo was always to be appreciated on the Comedy Central Roasts – every one of them I have loved. He also had countless stand up routines and was also a judge in this past season of Last Comic Standing.

He was not for everyone as his style was very insulting, raw and vulgar. But I loved it. He said a lot others would be afraid to say. He was a cocky bastard, at least on stage. And by the looks of it was dearly adored by his fellow comedians.

Giraldo, at 44, died of a prescription drug overdose. There is no need to mention I am sure how this cause of death has gotten to epidemic proportions. I really believe that people will have it in their head…this false sense of security…that because these are “medicines” because they are distributed by professionals instead of seedy characters on the street that they are somehow safer. So they take more and more thinking they are ultimately safe. I don’t know.

He was a stand up for a long time. Probably JUST gained the fame he was always seeking…I am pretty confident that this was his most popular year. And then he fucking ODs?? It makes me angry actually.

RIP Greg…we laughed at you as much as you laughed at others…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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