Right now I am going through an extremely difficult time in my life. One of the lowest, most painful times.

Because of that, I have not been blogging.

I said last week I was going to stop visiting and blogging on The Journal Times website. And I have stopped and will continue to avoid that site. Yet, it has been brought to my attention that the shit talking hasn’t stopped and I am apparently a coward for deciding it was healthier to stay away. Fine, who care what those people think.

But there is one person…his name is MC on the JT site and he calls himself Salmon here. I try to spam his comments, but some get thru. I leave them up so you can see for yourself what kind of “person” this is. So Christian, so God fearing…yet every single day he is on my site and often leaves comments trying to bait me into an argument, insulting me or my blog…it has clearly become an obsession. I am currently trying to find out how to block a particular person from these blogs (still new here).

I want to say to those of you out there who hate me for being real…hate me for being honest…hate me because I do not believe in your Bible…hate me for being somewhat liberal in my views…you hate me…so GO AWAY. There is no need for you to visit here. And think to yourself how your God would approve of your behavior.

My last blog – Checking In… – was to let my readers know that I am/was taking a break due to some hard times. Yet, this holy man decides it is appropriate to continue to leave mean spirited comments on my blog. Under the Checkin In blog – just take a look at what he said today. Yes, this blog is public…people can freely comment. But #1…he better not let me find out his real identity and #2…to this person – and this is the last I will ever address you – you are a pathetic, horrible excuse for a human being let alone a religious one. You are a sad, sorry waste of oxygen who is clearly so insecure with your real life being that you feel it pleasurable to kick others when they are down. For this, I pray for YOU. You are obviously a damaged, pain filled person who desperately needs attention and medical intervention. You claim I am vulgar? You preach to me because after all the taunting I finally said “Fuck Off”?? Well, you cowardly, faceless, nameless piece of shit…FUCK OFF. And same to the monster who clearly raised you to be such a loser. Vulgar enough for ya, dick face?


5 thoughts on “Kindly, Fuck Off.

  1. I really want to thank you Squiddly. Certain people can really bring out the worst in me and I hate that. I am embarrassed when I stoop to a low level. Yes, I do like my curse words…I won’t lie. I’m from the wrong side of the tracks and some times I talk like it. So be it. But I should control my temper. I know posts like this do not make me look like the person I truly am…and some times after saying these things…I think about deleting it. But that would be unauthentic and dishonest. If I say I am putting the real me out here…then I need to be honest with all of my sides – even the unflattering ones. So, I do apologize for the offensiveness of some of my rants. I know it probably makes some of the more innocent people cringe…and I do apologize for that. But for that only.

    About TJT…I know. It is AWFUL what people will say on there. In fact, there was an article in the paper today about how racist people are when anonymous on the internet. TJT is the perfect example (ironic the article was in their paper) of that. I cannot believe they let people say some of the things they do. They just finally stopped letting ppl comment of stories about the deceased. Before that…I swore someone was one day going to commit suicide due to what some of those ppl say.

    Things will work out some how. Some day. And it just happens to be one of the few things I will not share publicly. But I thank you very much.

  2. It’s too bad people have to be this way. As a Christian, I think a person like this gives them all a bad name. Just like ultra conservatives or ultra liberals. We are so into grouping people or judging them by who they associate with, it’s nuts. As for the blogs being more considerate, please. There is hate all over that place. Even if you try to make a civil comment, someone keys off on it and insults you, your mom or your color. Too much hate in this world. Life is too short, and Heather, whatever you are going through, I truly wish you the best outcome possible. Try to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!

  3. Have not been in the JT or blogging loop for quite a while if you noticed, but saw your tweet. We may not agree on things but agree that there are some people out there like this guy that are just “wired” completely different and need to grow up. We are all on this ball in the universe together.

    1. I left for a long time too. Wish I had stayed away. I never EVER in my life have gone out of my way to hurt an innocent person. Why these people feel I deserve this is beyond my comprehension. And yes, I react loudly and passionately when provoked. So my wiring isn’t perfect either. But I am not an evil person. Some of these people clearly are. And maybe another day I would not be this sensitive. But things are bad right now and I am very emotional. People need to consider the power of their words. I am dealing with life or death issues here and this little POS will get the brunt. He is VERY lucky he lives in Florida.

      1. He is now being counted as Spam…cannot wait until he is blocked. But anyway, I found this last one to be laughable…

        “If any of your ‘friends’ who all agree with you on how bad the JT bloggs are would actually read them lately, they would find we are quite considerate to each other these days even when we DON’T agree on something. We also don’t condone vulgar and insulting name calling. The exagerations and lies you are spreading on your blog about the JT bloggs is really distasteful. You should be ashamed.”

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