This morning I found this in my email:

I know he loves me. I think sometimes I just don’t really know what that means. Sometimes the words are mere sounds from one person who wanting something from the other…not necessarily malicious or dishonest…maybe just to be able to hear it back. And then there are times I wonder about the love I have for others. It truly is a confusing, loaded, multi-meaning term, isn’t it? And they always associate love with the heart. Clearly we know it has nothing to do with that organ. Brain – makes sense, of course. But then why do I feel it in my stomach? If I am happy and filled with love…it is in my tummy (or lower depending of which kind of love were talkin’ about…ssshh). And if I am love sick and in pain…it is also in my tummy. So on Valentine’s Day I am going to send out cards adorned with images of stomachs.

Yesterday was rough. Just going through some super stressful things and I needed to make a terribly difficult decision. I know I made the right one and I just hope that it will all work out for the best for all involved.

I was so upset about that JT mess. I am realizing how silly that truly is. I have to get to the point where I have enough self respect, security and confidence to stop concerning myself with what others think, feel or say. While I need to be considerate and compassionate and even empathetic…I also need to stick to my decisions and know that I do the best I can with what I have in each given situation. I cannot determine my self worth based on the opinions of others – especially complete strangers.

So, today I am taking it fairly easily. Get the kids off to school, workout, do some cleaning and laundry, maybe some writing, quick trip to the store, make dinner…typical day I guess. Just no appointments or time schedules today, which is nice. I do have a pressure headache so I know a storm is brewing…hopefully sooner than later so I can feel better.

So, that is my boring blog for the day. Hope the next ones are more interesting for ya lol 🙂

Oh! That reminds me…I was made fun of for my LOLs and other such text-like lingo. To that I say STFUYPRF. In other words…I like using them and will continue regardless of complaints and ribbing. Especially the LOL. I do Laugh Out Loud when I read or say something and I honestly use it appropriately. I write how I talk. I try to write in conversation mode. And I find LOL to be a wonderful tool in conveying my thoughts 🙂

Have a swell day – talk at ya later!!



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