Though I cannot be sure, I have a pretty strong sense this is directed to me. Though I truly do not understand why I have become such a target for these peoples’ anger. It seems very odd to me. Although, I do appreciate the writing and humor. To bad it is so misguided and untrue. If any one of these people (all of whom are too afraid to show their real face or name) were willing to actually sit and speak with me personally…to know the kind of human I truly am…they would have some serious egg on their faces. They all come to my site – many VERY often – yet they act so put off and offended by me. They call me vulgar and perverted. A mindless liberal is all they see. After my post yesterday about Peace in the Blogosphere…my admitting to becoming suicidal after threats and accusations were made against me, it is obvious this was written and posted to bait me somehow. What makes people do things like this? This writer in particular, he is clearly intelligent, creative…why use those talents for simple meanness?


Posted by: Bottom Line on September 21, 2010 at 9:54PM CST
Welcome to my post ….I use it to profess ….

Thoughts I hope provoke you ….

And yet, I must confess ….

When I am sentimental ….

You should respond in kind ….

Then, when I am cynical ….

My humor, you should find ….

If I seem controverted ….

It is your unsettled state ….

If you fail to grasp my message ….

Then you are filled with hate …

Why can’t you just accept the fact ….

I am the one who sees ….

What is peace for everyone ….

Unless I want to lash out and respond with some untenable blather about chillin’, or how everyone is being to damn serious, or if I choose not to consider any functional logic, or if I find antagonism a useful, humorous tool, or if I find any concept (like YOUR religion) ridiculous and empty, or if I want to be cute with salacious sayings, or if I want to post something to start gathering information under false pretense, and then disappear when people post, and then act like I’m just too busy to respond, or maybe I just want to keep your posts so I can use them later, so I just continue professing to be interested in healthy debate, cause I get off on your frustration, and besides  …. I’m sure everyone agrees!

So let’s all get together ….

And agree to disagree ….

And kiss and hug, and share a mug ….

For peace .. and harmony.


3 thoughts on “Creative Anger in My General Direction

  1. It is not important if we agree on everything or not. It comes down to simple respect. I was brought up to be respectful of others no matter the color, the beliefs or gender. Never throw insults at anyone and never shoot the messenger. I read you blog because it gives me a different perspective on things. I have no children. I was involved with children through our church for a very long time. Many of the families were broken and many of the students emotions were similar to yours. I have no idea why I was drawn to it, but I was. Keep ranting or whatever you wish to share. It is not my place to judge or berate. If I ever do, blast me for it. Honesty is what is missing in our society.

  2. Clever and intelligent are not always good together. People like to single out someone, then they get their minions and attack in packs. Many of these folks somehow feel they are better than others. They are older or more book educated, but better? Not necessarily. Some feel since they are republicans that gives them a free pass to be rude to anyone not agreeing with them. There seems to be this fear of being wrong, so they overdo it by blowing inslts on insults.

    1. I know all of what you are saying is true. I guess I just havent had the best judegment lately. I need to stay away and for good. Squiddly, I know you do not agree with me on a lot of things. But I do not think I have ever been mean. If I have, I apologize. And I thank you for being respectful and taking an interest in my mundane, ridiculous blog.

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