First of all…why are there 6 year old cheerleaders?

Second…(cartwheels and leaps) I am so happy to finally see a GOOD mother portrayed on the news.

Third…are you flippin kiddin me?? That cheerleader-leader-lady needs to lose her job. And all the other moms who did NOT speak out should be embarrassed and ashamed. AND anyone who has approved of this cheer being belted out by kindergärtners should be smacked.

WHY is society so intent on making our kids (especially our little girls) grow up so inappropriately fast? Why are people okay with the sexualization of children? Why do they continue to sell thong underwear, belly shirts and bootie words on pants? Why are parents letting their children wear makeup and high heels? Why are parents purchasing high end labels for babies? Why are they allowing highlights, iPhones, R rated movies, and credit cards? Who can possibly think this is acceptable, healthy or right in any way?

(putting away soapbox now…must clean for MY 6 year old’s birthday party)


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