City Island (film)
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Yesterday I walked by a Red Box machine and decided to browse the options. I saw a title which starred Andy Garcia (an ex boyfriend…our age difference eventually became a problem teehee) I had never heard of before. City Island also starred Julianna Margulies, Steven Strait, Dominik García-Lorido, Ezra Miller, Emily Mortimer, and the great, Alan Arkin.

City Island is a movie about a NYC family living is a small fishing neighborhood in the Bronx. The family is wrought with secrets and shame…or really, secrets because of shame (really, the most significant reason for a secret, no?). Garcia plays a father who is a simple, hard working man with good ethics – yet unsure of himself. And I have to honestly say, having seen most of Garcia’s work…this is some of his best acting to date. Margulies – also a pleasure to watch – plays his wife who feels ignored and bored (how many wives and moms in their 30s and 40s can relate??). Steven Strait, whom I was unfamiliar with…is really a good actor. However, his fineness was a bit distracting. Holy jebus is this guy HAWT. And with that hair…just my type. Ex boyfriend, Andy. New boyfriend, Steven. Steven plays a prison inmate who resides in the facility where Garcia is employed as a prison guard. Oh, I mean a “Correctional Officer”. Garcia-Lorido is no accident. Being Andy’s real life daughter, it is clear why she eased into this role. Emily Mortimer was Garcia’s friend who had her own demons to reveal. And Miller’s character was the youngest son in the family who had a sexual obsession with watching obese women eat food. I have to say, Miller was the most impressive and the funniest to watch. He had the best lines and he played that part perfectly. Arkin’s role was much too small. He is one of my favorites – like all time favorites. And I was disappointed in the lack of screen time.

All in all this movie was surprising enjoyable. It was a comedy drama which played as a stage performance. I love those movies. I could see it being quite successful on stage. Great acting, smart writing and just a feel good kind of movie. Dontcha just love it when those seem to pop into your player when you least expect it? 


One thought on “City Island – DVD Review

  1. There’s nothing earth-shatteringly new, but you do end up wishing the characters well, and I was happy to have spent time with them. It’s a good time, and I found myself actually laughing a lot. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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