This is what I was asked this morning on that Journal Time Blog of which I was speaking yesterday.

Below is my response. Curious…how would YOU respond to that question?

That is a super insulting, ridiculous, mean spirited, closed minded question. To be perfectly honest with you – I have more spirituality in my ass cheek than you have in your whole being. You can preach all you want, but when you use your religions and your “Jesus” to condemn, ridicule and hurt…then you change the intent of the whole meaning. I would be ashamed, quite frankly of how you and others use your words to bully those who refuse to conform. Do you realize how many religions are out there?? So the little kids in Zimbabwe are damned to hell because they did not grow up with parents who even knew what Christianity was?? If that is your “god” way, then I am even more happy to be separated from it.

The mere fact that you think and say that people do not have a SOUL because they do not believe the same things you believe…honestly…you should stop talking because you are doing your “mission” a disservice.

I wanted to be nice here and I tried. You accused me of bashing the bible…of tearing down your beliefs. I did NOTHING of the sort. I simply said I did not agree. That is all. That’s it. You, my dear, have done the bashing here. So, how exactly does that equal out to you being the better person?? The logic is skewed.

I believe in a higher power. I call this energy God. Others can refer to it/him/her as anything they choose. That is this freedom all you republicans pretend to care so much about.

I believe in an afterlife and have read many spiritual books regarding the existence of consciousness after death. I have read extensively on near death experiences (and someone close to me having one). I also believe in reincarnation.

I do not take my beliefs lightly. But I would never feel the need to preach them to those who are not requesting. I also do not feel the need to shame, condemn or ridicule those who believe differently. For that, I am proud.

You should know that speaking and acting this way will not ever result in getting someone to convert to your “way”. Not ever.



6 thoughts on “Do You Have a Soul?

  1. I did not read the post that spurred your response, however, I have to say, living in the Bible belt and knowing several people who believe the only way is their way, I completely agree with you. My first response when reading your post was that it was brilliant and very well put. I have always wondered how one church can look down on others and feel they are better in some way because of their beliefs, and still call themselves Christians. Or condemn other religions because of their differences. My mother, in fact, is one who feels people who don’t believe the same that she does are going to hell, or are wrong. She told me once I was praying wrong, if you can believe that! I guess I didn’t know there was a wrong way!

    I agree with Jeff on a point he made that we have to be careful when lumping people together and categorizing them as all thinking the same way, when we do that, we inevitably become like them. For example, because I live in the buckle of the Bible belt, probably the reddest state in the country, I’d hate to be lumped in with the backwards ass people here simply because of my geographical location. Sadly, we blues are seriously outnumbered here, and are embarassed by the elected officials who represent our state, they don’t speak for all of us.

    I want to read more of your blog!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

      I know. I have my moments when I can be judgemental too. I do strive not to be…but none of us are perfect I suppose 🙂 I do have to be more aware of those moments though. And I know exactly what you mean by being labeled based on geographics – Wisconsin is pretty friggin backwards unless you happen to be in Madison. LAME.

  2. Drats – hit the post coment button accidently so I didn’t get to add this last paragraph…

    As my Pastor is fond of saying, “Text without context is pretext.” Did you know, for example, that the Bible says “There is no God.” In fact, the King James Bible contains that exact phrase 12 times. An athiest can go around proclaiming all day that the Bible says God doesn’t exist and he would be factually correct. However, when the phrase is taken in the full context that it is written, it says something entirely different. One of these passages that contains the prase “There is no God” is Psalm 52:1, which in its entirety says “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.” Quite a different message than what that piece of text, taken out of context, says.

    When we get our news and facts from, and base our opinions on only one source, we’re all in danger of falling victom to this sort of thinking.

  3. I went to the Journal blog and read the whole thread. I believe that, if you read the thread without the prejudice of thinking someone is attacking you, you’ll see that the person who posted the question was asking you a theological question – not attaching you personally.

    The poster was simply asking you if you believed that you had a soul…possibly to further engage you in a meaningful discussion about what happens when we die. Your return attack did nothing more than show that everybody can become closeminded when provoked in the right way. That is the problem with the electronic medium we all use so much today…we lose the face-to-face interaction that allows us to see the context/intent of the other person’s words.

    Though you claim that it is the “other side” who is always closeminded, bigoted, prejudiced, and/or racist, we are all guilty of those characteristics to some degree. In many of your blog entries, you lump Republicans and Fox News watchers into a group of wacky loons who are out of touch with reality and only want to see President Obama fail because they’re all racist and don’t want to give him a chance. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity lump Democrats and MSNBC watchers into a group of misinformed automatons following President Obama around saying “Yes we can” and “Change, change, change.” The truth, as always. lies somewhere in the middle.

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