I have spoken in the past about how I am not a “religious” person, but a “spiritual” one. I do not believe in the Bible or organized religion. I do believe in a God – a higher energy/power…I call it God anyway. I believe in being a good person. Being kind, compassionate, helpful, considerate, tolerant, patient, loving…of course, being imperfect I cannot be all of these things all of the time. But I do strive for that. I suppose I call it the religion of “Goodness” for lack of a better term.

For some reason, my personal belief system angers people. I don’t really understand because even though I do not believe in what they choose, it certainly doesn’t make me angry. It doesn’t make me want to say hurtful things or bash a person. So, why do so many “Christians” get so pissed off and act so high and mighty with their sharp tongues because I chose my belief as they have chosen theirs. I truly do not understand it. I would really like to know. Do YOU know??

As a recent example, see the forum linked below:

Journal Times


9 thoughts on “Why the Tude, Jesus Dude?

  1. “That is a super insulting, ridiculous, mean spirited, closed minded question. To be perfectly honest with you – I have more spirituality in my ass cheek than you have in your whole being.”

    That does sound like a ‘put down’ and a ‘trashing’ of some one you don’t agree with Heather.

    ” Now, it seems, only the assholes have remained.”

    And what do you call that? You don’t seem to practice what you preach.

    1. Why the name change from TJT?

      Dude, you are obsessing and trying to bait me every which way here and there. So here ya go, fuck wad.

      People can disagree all they want. This was taken out of context – WAYYY out – and clearly I was not angry because that person held a different belief than me…it was because I was being attacked for ME having a different belief than the others. You’re an idiot. Go home.

      1. There was no ‘attack’ on you by anyone. You simply can’t tolerate an opposing view to any of your set in stone opinions. And name calling is SOOOOO imature. I’ll pray that you someday discover you do have a soul whether you like it or not. I’m sure that brings comfort to you. 🙂

  2. You might enjoy this guys comments on this topic!
    I am not at all religious, and I once wrote a letter to my very judgmental brothers about it… One day I will get the nerve up to put it on my blog. The point I always make to people is essentially the same one you made… I do not judge or condemn others the choice to believe in “GOD” or religion or whatever, I respect others choices on the subject regardless of whether I agree, so where do they get off condemning my choice not to believe their way?
    I believe you touched on this the other day as well… In my experience, being raised a Catholic/Christian, religious folks are ultimately two faced and only tote out their religion when it suits them…otherwise they do whatever the hell they want without concern for others. I have yet to meet a person who practices what they preach and in fact I recently thought I had met someone who did… Well it did not take long to realize what a snow job they were doing on me! SHOCKING, I know!
    That asshole that wants to burn the Koran/Quran is a perfect example. He is so entrenched in the idea that he is “RIGHT” that there is no consideration for the fall-out that will ultimately come from this action — if he follows through. He is no less than a zealot! Isn’t that the type of monster that ultimately creates terrorists?
    Keep up your posts! I really enjoy reading someone else who sounds a lot like me.

    1. I will check it out – thanks!!

      I was not raised in any religion and I am not raising my daughter in one either. But as she gets older if she wants to explore, that is completely up to her.

      I guess I just have to chalk it up to something I will likely never understand – the intolerance of others’ beliefs, I mean. And the meanness coming from people who are supposed to be all about love and kindness (yea, right).

  3. I have been asking myself that very same question for the past 15 years. Once my parents “found God”, they turned into the most judging, cruel, close-minded people that I know. Common sense and logic went right out the window. No thanks.
    My belief structure is very much like yours. I am Spiritual and strive to be a good person. I only ask that “Christians” be as respecting of my beliefs as I am of theirs.

    1. I am so sorry about your folks. What the hell?? It is like brainwashing, isn’t it?? Remember those TV movies about cults in the 70s and 80s and how people had to be deprogrammed?? LOL. Reminds me of that. Same with the Tea Party and Fox News followers…but that is for another day 🙂

      Yea, those ppl on Journal Times were saying that I was putting down the bible and trashing their beliefs. ALL I said was that I personally didn’t agree. That is it!! How does that cause outrage? How is that trashing?? Too freakin’ weird.

      When are we going to hang out so we can bitch in person?? lol 🙂

      1. It’s total brainwashing, and yes..I do remember those movies. Frightfully accurate. I’m only thankful the folks were cool during my formative years.

        As for the Journal Times blog, I’ve learned to stay away. Most of the people just like to start shit, and nothing more. They tend to talk out of their ass, and I just get frustrated.

        We do need to get together. We can burn some bibles. ( I kid).

      2. I did stop going to/reading on TJT online just because of that. I stupidly go back once in a while. It used to be (about 5-6 years ago) more even as far as right/left…secular/non-secular…just a good mix of decent people and assholes. Now, it seems, only the assholes have remained.

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