Well, I did it!! I got my new tattoo. Here are a couple pics:

It wasn’t nearly painful as I was expecting. My first one hurt MUCH worse for some reason. Either that or my pain tolerance has increased since childbirth. Here is a pic of my first one:

I got that one when I was about 23. So…13 years ago…yikes. I almost passed out!! This time there were some spots that made me cringe, but NOTHING like I was worried about. I guess just about dyin’ during labor changed me in many ways!!

Anyway, I went to Justin Gorelik at The Studio on Main Street in Racine. Very happy with his work and personality and everything!! Very reasonable price too!!! I went to high school with Justin and was always blown away by his artwork – we were both on the school paper. I am very happy with my decision. Like it???

Oh and thank you soooo much to my friend, Kendra, for taking hours of her day to come with me and have her hand crushed!! 🙂 She is so swell!!

When I got home I had a box waiting for me. And Charlie here waiting for me to open it. I did. It was an iPhone 4. I have been messing around with it for a couple hours now and I still do not see how this is going to do anything for me. I am so old. I just get so frustrated. It has my music on it…which is good. But $10 bucks a month for an iPod (which I already have)? I finally figured out a way to import my Windows Live contacts…but they are all messed up and it will take forever to clean it up. I found out my Facebook was completely deleted. When I “deactivated” I said I would be back. In those cases, they keep everything as is for when you return. But I tried to return and it said no account. I am SOOO not happy about that. Right now, I am just kinda frustrated because this is a toy HE probably wants and I told him so many times i have no use for it and we cannot afford another monthly bill. And now I just have another thing that I can’t use without hours of frustration. I know I seem ungrateful and I don’t mean to be. Maybe I just have to get used to it…but so far, it seems pretty fucking stupid. Maybe I need an iPhone tutor. I am too old and crotchety for this shit.


One thought on “New Tattoo and iPhone

  1. My uncle just got a tattoo of an old school pin up girl. It was fantastic work. Looked great. Does anyone else see 60+ year old men, who have never had a tattoo, getting them. He isn’t going through a mid life crisis, no divorce or other life changing happenings. He just got one. WTF was he thinking.

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