So, who knows. This weekend has been weird. Thankfully, Charlie did not have to work the forced overtimeafter alll. Friday he was off and we went to watch Cassidy’s class race against the Brewer Racing Sausages. Then took her to her yearly physical where she behaved like a BEAST!! Never have I seen her like that. Especially at the Doctor’s office. She was talking like a baby, not listening, goofing off andwouldn’tt answer during her hearing test (so she failed…but I know it was because she was being a jerk). Grrr. Her DS was taken away for the rest of the day. I don’t think it helped as this new found attitude has continued throughout the weekend so far.

Yesterday we got a call letting us know that Kenzie won a raffle prize from the Kansasville/Eagle Lake Picnic last weekend. She got a foot bath and massager. We drove out to Union Grove to pick it up. Wedidn’tt tell her where we were going and she was SO surprised. What was really weird is that as we were pulling out of the driveway she asked about the raffle and when they would be calling people. LOL too weird. But honestly, she didn’t know a thing.

After that we went to the new WalMart in Kenosha for what reason I do NOT know. Ugh. Gross. Then home to make dinner.

I didreceivee an email from the White House person confirming us for volunteering for the President’s visit tomorrow at the Milwaukee Laborfest. We both volunteered when he visited Racine for atown halll meeting. Here are some links to posts regarding that:

Anyway, we would have to go up to Summerfest grounds for about an hour this evening for a meeting and then do some kind of duty during the fest from 9-3 tomorrow. For me, that day in Racine was a blast. I really enjoyed it and was quite happy. As it turns out, Charlie didn’t care for it much. Maybe he was bored, I don’t know as he didn’t really explain it. So, this was his reasoning for not really being into doing it again. I was already on the fence only because finding a sitter would NOT be easy. We just don’t have people at our disposal like that. So then when he acted like he didn’t want to…I wasn’t going to push it. But now I am feeling like I am going to regret that decision. So I feel kinda bummed.

So, today we have no plans. We have both kids and the options are limited this weekend it seems like. There just isn’t anything going on. Well, I should say until tomorrow. This city is so stupid sometimes. There are like 100 different things to do tomorrow and nothing yesterday or today. Taste of Racine for example. Why on earth would they have to plan that for Monday – Labor Day?? Clearly people have many other options typically on that day. So why no plan it for Saturday or Sunday? It makes no sense.

So anyway, we were bored yesterday. We will probably be bored today. But tomorrow we will likely be going to Racine Laborfest and perhaps we will stop at the Taste of Racine after.

Anywho…that is my thrilling weekend nonsense. I am sure I had you on the edge of your seat.

Have a good one…be safe and labor free 🙂


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