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Racine Area Labor 

Festivals, Inc. 

( R.A.L.F.I. ) 

Celebrating workers in Southeastern Wisconsin 



LaborFest 2010 


Mt. Pleasant-Caledonia Memorial Park 

Intersections of Hwys K & H 

Monday September 6, 2010 

12 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. 


Non-perishable food donations* entitle you to: 

One Food Ticket and Two Beverage Tickets 

(Additional tickets available for $5.00 and $1.00 each) 


This event is free with a nonperishable food donation  

and the Whole Community is welcome! 


  • ADULT AND CHILDREN FUN GAMES with cash prizes for adults and toy prizes for children


Introduction of: 

  • MR. and MRS. SOLIDARITY– Scott and Penny Sharp
  • RETIRED LABOR PERSON of the YEAR – Curt Wilson
  • LABOR PERSON of the YEAR – Glenn Stark


*Food donations will go to the Racine Food Bank 


Rich Hinderholtz, President – Scott Sharp, Vice President 

Craig Olsen, Treasurer – Joe Briere, Secretary 

6119 Potomac Pl. – Racine, Wisconsin 53406 


10 thoughts on “Racine Laborfest – Free and Open to Everyone!!

  1. I do not know him. Is this true, how do you know? That is a big thing of which to accuse someone and accusing is not something I take lightly. Please, when making such statements, provide information to show you know of what you speak. Thank you.

  2. You assume too much in my comments. I never said “all” in any of my comments.

    At my $50 an hour contracting, am I a threat? I’m a specialist for my machines and have the only intention of installing that which has been purchased, making sure it is working properly and go home.

  3. I work hard for my money and am threatened by contractors coming in for a lower wage. But I can assure you that I have never threatened a person in my life. I am not a bully. There are bad people on either side, where ever you go. It is easy for you to cast prejudice behind your anonymous status. Saying all union members are bullies is the same as saying all black people can play basketball.

    About my lottery statement – A CEO might as well have won the lottery because they are not worth any where near what they are paid. Which is fine I don’t mind that there are billionaires out there but don’t call me over paid when I struggle like everyone else.

  4. Union bosses are overpaid as well as taking your dues for political purposes?

    I was referring to particular people I have worked with as a contractor. I go to a work site and bust my ass to get a machine installed in an insane timeframe while in my experience the “help” that is lent is paid to watch work happen.
    I work hard for my money and have been threatened by local union stewards more than once for simply entering a work site. I don’t need my life threatened (“We could just toss you in the rock quarry and nobody would know”) by the kind of union thugs that I’ve crossed paths with. If the unions were really just about the members and not about power, we might have something to talk about.

    Oh and lottery? What are you talking about?

  5. So, anonymous has done nothing to help but hates people that have. Now he or she says union workers are over paid. The middle class, in my opinion, is not over paid. How ignorant are you, Anonymous? Who is really over paid? The C.E.O.s of most companies are over paid. Which is fine. We all have dreams to win the lottery.

  6. I’ve seen too many lazy workers protected and encouraged to slow down by their unions. Over priced for what they actually did

  7. In my last union contract we bargained for jobs to be brought back to the United States. What have you done to create jobs anonymous. Enjoy your weekends brought to you by union members. Oh and enjoy Labor Day.

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