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This is on The Journal Times website today.

Mind & body: Medicine has a pair of clues about indistinct ailments.

Here are the comments I made regarding the article:

I find this very interesting and it is something I have thought about and researched through the years. I myself do not have IBS. But I do have other ailments which I believe to be related to IBS in the sense that they are “sensitivity” ailments – what I call them. I have written about my thoughts on this over the years as well. I also have created and gathered surveys from other people who suffer similar problems (anxiety, CFS, IBS, Fibromyalgia, arrhythmias, migraines, and even a link to various ESP-type events). It has been my thought that these illnesses and events are due to some of us being born…well, to put it simply…hypersensitive. I believe some people are built with super sensitive reactions be it physical, emotional, psychological and perhaps even intuition/precognitive abilities.

As advanced as we seem, there is SOOOO much the medical community does not understand. And this NOT understanding must be considered when medical staff are poo-pooing a person’s complaints. Too often even in this day and age, people are patted on the head, given a xanax and told to seek therapy. Disgusting.

Here are a couple links to posts I have written about this sort of thing:

Here is a post I had written on a health site years ago as well:

What I believe to be the connection between my SVT, PVCs and Anxiety is this: I really think that there is something in my brain, such as a neurotransmitter or some kind of receptor (obviously I know little about this stuff) that is super sensitive to pain, stimuli, and chemicals. I feel that the anxiety, SVT, and PVCs are all possibly linked to this one problem. I think that I am very sensitive to adrenaline. I think that was a big reason for the anxiety and SVT. For so many years I have simply been physically sensitive. I can feel things that people normally cannot feel or notice. I swear, if my BP drops by one point, I feel it. Temperature raises, I feel it. So since I feel these things so clearly, I react in kind of a panic way. I think this may also be why childbirth was such a horrendous experience and the epidurals did not work. I wonder how many other ppl with this type of history feels the same way. Is this possible? Am I just a nut? I actually talked about this with my psychiatrist – who is also a neurologist – and he really feels this is a strong possibility. He said he even has a hard time diagnosing me as a clear cut case of anxiety disorder..he thinks there is more to it. He even sent his intake notes to my primary doc and cardiologist because he feels this is very complex and may have physical components. I am curious if other ppl have these same feelings/sensitivities.

Its almost like I am TOO in tuned to everything, especially my body. But it goes to another level at times too. For example..the day before September 11th I was feeling so terrible. This was way out of the blue and hadn’t had anxiety or anything in years. I was laying on the floor int eh bathroom crying and throwing up. I had no idea why. I called the Dr and made an appt for the following day, thinking I was possibly pregnant. On my way there the first plane hit the WTC. After this happened I didn’t feel sick anymore. It was simply lifted. I felt sadness and fear as everyone else did. But that weird sick, crying thing was gone. I sometimes wonder if my body sensed that something terrible was about to happen. Weird eh? Perhaps I truly am a loon. But I really think that there is more to this than each separate ailment.

I really believe that we anxiety sufferers are simply EXTREMELY sensitive to every change, touch, stimuli, chemical…everything that happens to and inside our bodies. I think we feel things that happen to everyone, but that most people never notice, they never feel it. There is some part of our brain that makes us more sensitive to these things. And subsequently it turns on the fight flight panic button and it is a vicious cycle.

I am curious…those of you who suffer from panic/ any of you also suffer from:


PVCs/PACs (palpitations, skipped heart beats, flutters)?

GERD (acid reflux – severe heartburn)?

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)?




Chronic Pain?

Sensitive to medications/chemicals?

Very difficult child birth/labors?

And have any fellow anxiety sufferers experienced strange phenomena (precognitive thoughts or dreams, empathic symptoms, etc)?


3 thoughts on “Link to Ailments…Possibly Hyper-Sensitivity??

  1. It took me 16 hours to bring my son into the world. I had a horrible labor. (Worth every minute of course.) I have had headaches for as long as I can remember. And I’ve been given an IBS diagnosis. In fact when my IBS kicks up so does my PVCs. I have chronic neck pain and lower back pain. I had one chiropractor tell me I have fibromyalgia, but then another one said I do not. I can feel the tiniest bug on my body. I can also feel everybody in the room, the mood, the vibe. I startle easy, and when I get overwhelmed I have to leave the situation and have downtime. In a dark room just someplace alone. I can get drunk on one glass of wine. And when I was on Klonopin .25 mg and it was enough. I have strong intuition and have witnessed paranormal activity… So to say the least I agree with everything above. I promise this will be my last post on your blog here. I’m sure I look like a complete stalker!

    I wanted to note, I was on Klonopin for 20 years. Like I mentioned it was .25 and I never went above that. I started having weird health issues. I had test after test it always came back to the drug. The irony is just about every weird symptoms went away after I was completely done with withdrawal. I felt GOOD. My headaches when away a lot of my neck tension went away. I think I was in a constant state of withdrawal because I was not upping my dose. However, the PVC’s appeared. It’s been a tough call because everything else is doing so good off of it, except that. Coming off that low dose just about killed me and that’s a whole other story in itself.. I’m going to fight like hell to remain off of it the rest of my life.

    Just wanted to throw that in there. Food for thought. Thanks again.

    1. Please feel free to comment as much as you like! I appreciate it!!

      I have a few thoughts on your comments/situation. I have to sleep now but I will respond tomorrow 🙂

      Oh and I didn’t see a message on FB…??

      Talk to you soon and have a good night!!

      1. Facebook has an “other” inbox you have to look for it at the bottom of your mail messages. It’s for people that you’re not friends with etc. I like to call it my creeper box but what is that say about me that I sent you one. 😉 I “Followed” you on there as well. It might help for you to know I am a living breathing person and not a spambot. Ha. I’m off to bed as well thanks for the response talk to you later.

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