Ugh. I am so aggravated. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am. This morning my stepdaughter got dropped off and nothing in her folder (received by her mother at the Open House last night) was returned or filled out. She said it hadn’t even been gone through. Every year I fill out ALL of the paperwork the very first night I get it and make sure it is turned in the next day. This is the first year she got the folder. And wouldn’t you know…bag, completely empty. Had she read the information she would have at least seen that lunched needed to be paid for (um, duh). Was any money sent with her? No. So like always, I wrote out the check and made sure she has 30 lunches in the bank. That is 60 bucks by the way. I purchased ALL of her school supplies. I purchased her gym shoes and made sure she had everything she needed for school. AS I DO EVERY YEAR.

She had one shot to do ONE goddamn thing and couldn’t do it. Do you know how irritated that makes me??

Then I look at something my step daughter did in school. The question asked for her favorite people…she writes “Mom & Dad”. Yea, very sweet and all. But it is getting so tiring to be completely overlooked and ignored when I am really the only one who does anything for her. And have been for 9 years. I am sick of it.

Another question asked if she had siblings. She answered “half-sister”. Half sister?? She has never ONCE referred to or called Cassidy her HALF sister. I have never heard that term come out of her mouth. In fact, when she talks about people in her mother’s boyfriend’s family (the one she has now, I mean..they change frequently) she calls them her cousins. So, people who have NO relations whatsoever are cousins but suddenly she has to make the clarification of “half sister”. I don’t get it.


3 thoughts on “Just Another Daily Aggravation

  1. Sadly that’s what it’s like when you are a “step” parent. I’ve lived it for the last 15 years. Doing the majority of the work and never getting any appreciation. I have done things for my step-children that neither one of their biological parents have done for them but you’d still think I had the plague. I’d like to say it gets better but it doesn’t. You just have to wipe your hands of it and say, “not my kid” and stop stressing over it.

      1. It is hard. Especially when in the beginning they are cute and loveable and you fall in love with them. At that time they are still so innocent and not “in the middle” of everything. Then they get older and take the side of the parent who makes their life easier (the fun parent) and everything goes to shit. By that time though you are emotionally invested in them and want to see them be succesful in life and it’s hard to wipe your hands of the responsibility. All I can say, based on my experience, is that when they get to adulthood things will change again because they can see how things really are.

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