Labor union parade, NY., May 1, 1911 (LOC)
Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

Obama to appear Monday at Laborfest in Milwaukee – WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News.

Just heard about this today. I wrote to the volunteer coordinator we worked when Obama came to Racine a couple months ago to see if they need help this time too. Haven’t heard. It is a big event and in Milwaukee so I am sure they have more than enough help. Just thought I would give it a try.

Charlie volunteered to help out the Laborfest in Racine that day (he is a steward in his union – CWA…Communication Workers of America), but if they wanted us…he would just have to cancel. Anyway, now that The President is going to be at the Milwaukee Laborfest…I am sure no one will be attending Racine’s lol. I guess we shall see.


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