Cancelling Old Christine Pisses Off Old Heather

The New Adventures of Old Christine

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11 Comedies Canceled BEFORE Getting Emmy Attention (PHOTOS)

So, while watching the Red Carpet prior to the Emmys last night, I learned a factoid that pissed me OFF. The New Adventures of the Old Christine was canceled. I did not know this. I am not happy. This is one show which could ALWAYS crack my ass up regardless of what kind of shitty mood I was in. Every character, especially the one played by Julia Louise Dreyfus, were played hysterically. They worked so well together and the writing was one laugh after another. 

I am truly disappointed once again. I am SO sick of networks canceling remarkably talent filled shows and leaving ridiculous horse shit.  Some of the more recent canceled shows which I really enjoyed: The Riches, Saving Grace, Monk, Nip/Tuck, Dead Like Me, Joan of Arcadia, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The West Wing, and – the most painful of all – Arrested Development. I realize it is all based on the lowest common denominator of viewers, which is why 99% of the network programming is on the intellectual level of a hamster with a head injury. But gesh. Can we get one network for those of us who ‘get’ smart humor and intelligent writing?? Grrrr. 



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