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From Newsweek:  

Ever since the Supreme Court struck down a law that restricted corporate and union spending on campaign advertisements, observers have feared a flood of undisclosed political donations that could tip the scales in November. The Disclose Act, the Democrats’ effort to stem that tide, passed the House in June but was left dead in the water Tuesday after falling a few votes short of 60 on the Senate floor. The majority party argued that the act, though imperfect, would have stemmed the tide of corporate spending. Republicans said, among other things, that the legislation helped Democratic constituencies (namely unions) in the middle of an election year.  

In my opinion, this is a no-brainer, people. This Act MUST pass. It was killed in the Senate in June, but it was reintroduced to the floor and will be voted on once again in the fall.  

I am beginning to feel that I cannot shop anywhere in good conscious. Walmart destroys small businesses and is anti-union and fair labor. Target recently donated a large sum of money to a political campaign. The politician, Tom Emmer,  is a known anti-gay candidate for Minnesota Governor. He also is against a raise in minimum wage and is a religious radical. I do not feel that we, as consumers, should have to take a political side every time we buy a bottle of Advil.  

I feel that campaign finance…campaigns in general…need to be COMPLETELY overhauled and limited. Political campaigns spend an obscene amount of money and the richest is usually the biggest. These millions of dollars could feed millions of people. It could help pay off US debt. It could help pay for Healthcare. But instead it is flushed by spending it on attack ads and mind numbing tours. But, I will not get into that here. I want to discuss this Act and how we can help get it passed.  

Please contact your senators (which can be found in the Open Congress link below) and let them know that the passing of this Act is a factor in your voting decision. The failure of this Act is essentially giving politicians carte blanche to pocket cash for favors. We all know this is acted out more than enough already in Washington. But the court’s decision this past year is taking us back-wards. We need to abolish this unfair and corrupt way of conducting politics. It reminds me of The Godfather who had politicians and cops by the balls. Do we really want corporations to completely take over the governing of this country?  

If you do not want to write your own email…HERE is a link where you can sign a petition which will be submitted to your Senators.  

H.R.5175: DISCLOSE Act – U.S. Congress – OpenCongress.  


2 thoughts on “H.R.5175: Disclose Act – PLEASE Contact Your Senators

  1. Perhaps you would find it easier shopping in another country. 😉

    Although, in point of fact, I’d have no problems with the Disclose Act if it applied to corporations and unions equally. That won’t happen though with the traitors in the House right now who are tied to the filth in the unions.

    Come November we Americans – remember us? – will start the long, hard, and painful for some people process of restoring honor and sanity to our country.

    1. jonolan,

      I do not share your opinion of Unions, but yes, it would be more fair for the Act to include that. I do not feel that corporations, lobbies, unions…any should have a hand in the governing of America.

      And unless Palin is elected in 2012, I think I will stick with shopping in the US.

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