HERE is the link to the photos from our trip.

We were able to finally plan a short vacation for just Charlie and I without the kids. It took some schedule finagling and some family coaxing…but we finally did it. We booked one night at an Oshkosh hotel and 3 at an Appleton spot. We had it planned…but not planned…we wanted to take it as easy as possible.  Things never really turn out as you plan either way, right? Or maybe its just me.

On Friday morning I woke up with a sore throat. Shit!! Are you serious?? I Hadn’t had so much as a cold since last winter. Why now?? I thought maybe it was just bad allergies…I took some Zicam, drank a shit load of tea and hoped for the best. We left around 10am Saturday morning. By the time we arrived…my head was feeling stuffier and achier. I knew it wasn’t just allergies. When we arrived it was cloudy and rainy. We were hoping to get out on the boat right away, but it just wasn’t to be. We rested a bit and then walked down Main Street – which was completely demolished creating quite the ghost town. We had a nice dinner at The Roxy and soaked in the hot tub for a bit. Since this is where we were going to do out boating portion of the vacation, we decided to stay another day in Oshkosh and canceled a day in Appleton. Bad choice apparently.

The pillows on the bed in the hotel were like boulders in cases from an old man’s attic. Just horrid. The mattress HAD to be off a pull out couch…worst ever. And I slept in some seedy motels in my day…this bed took the cake. The toilet ran, the pool paint was peeling and there was something on the floor of the hot tub…not sure what.  Do NOT want to know. The whole place was an absolute disaster.

The next morning I woke up after MAYBE 3 hours of sleep and I was dying. My head was clearly filled with cement. I could not breathe out of my nose at all. My temples were throbbing and my body ached like no one’s business. But it was nice out and it was Charlie’s boat day. I had to some how muster through. I was okay for a little bit but I ended up curled in a ball on the backseat of the boat sleeping in the 85 degree sun. I lasted about 6 hours and asked him to please go back to the hotel. I just couldn’t stand anymore. We were both so disappointed because it was SUCH a nice place to go boating!!! We will go back I am sure. Lake Winnebago is HUGE and you can just cruise full speed for miles!! No traffic whatsoever!! The Fox River was nice with a lot of cool bridges and stops along the way. Next time, different hotel…but the water there is great.

When we arrived in Appleton it was like heaven in comparison. Nice room with such a comfy bed (Sleep Number). The hotel had 2 restaurants, a café and 2 bars. The pool, hot tub and sauna were so helpful to my aching body. Honestly, if not for those things I think I would still be quite sick.

When we first arrived we made an appointment across the street at a spa called Copper Leaf. We each got a haircut (sshhh!! Don’t tell Michelle!!). We both needed them and wanted to be practical (we REALLY wanted massages). We woke up on Tuesday morning and I felt better. Not BETTER, but better than I did. We walked Main Street, drove around for some site seeing and just putzed around. We met Charlie’s old boss, Jim, for dinner which was very tasty.

The whole time we were there we searched for a place for me to get a tattoo. We stopped at 4 places and all were booked solid. No luck. But I did decide to get one next week here in Racine. I have to before I chicken out. That shit HURTS and I don’t care what anyone tells you. I have it all figured out. Just need to make the appointment. Thinking I may do it on the kids’ first day of school. That is going to be an overwhelming day for me and it seems like a good day to get my mind off of things with some pain and permanent ink.

The last night there we spent more time in the hot tub and sauna and we fell asleep fairly early. Woke up on Wednesday and I felt SO much better. I was ready for my vacation to start and I realized…its time to go home. I started to cry. I was bummin’ hard and there was nothing I could do about it.

This was our first vacation (if you can call 4 days a vacation) without the kids in years. And it will be the last for a long time as both of our parent still work and are not really available or willing to watch them for that length of time. We were lucky (and very grateful) that my mom took 2 days off of work to stay here with Cassidy. And on the last day, she stayed with my brother and sister in law (again, grateful). But it was a bitch to plan and figure out. Not to mention…no more disposable money for a long time. I am still pretty sad about the whole thing.

But we had a very nice drive home yesterday and of course I was happy to see my family (Bob especially missed me lol) and home. I think if I had more to look forward to or to be energized about in life…I wouldn’t feel so depressed about RETURNING to my life. Instead, I wanted to stay there. No, Appleton wasn’t great…not at all. But it was away. It wasn’t my regular life. And I needed to escape and still feel that need. And then there is the guilt for even feeling this way. I know I should love my life. On paper, it sounds fine. But its not fine in my heart and head. I need to find my life. And then coming home from a trip would not seem so daunting.


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