40 days, 15 minutes and 56 seconds smoke free.

120 cigarettes not smoked.

$42.00 and 22 hours of my life saved.

I get these updates by email from QuitNet.com which was helpful in those first couple weeks. If you are quitting or wanting to quit…check them out!!


4 thoughts on “Still Smoke Free

  1. Thanks Ladies!! About 45 days now!! I am sooo glad. I feel like I am definately out of the woods by now. I hardly ever think about it or crave at all anymore. I did quit in 2003 for over 5 years. But I stupidly started on vacation a couple summers back. Never again!!!! Thanks again!!!!

  2. That’s AWESOME! I quit 11-12-2004 and have not regretted it. I look forward to growing old with the Hubster and enjoying it! =] Keep up the good work!

  3. Congratulations! I love when someone makes the decision to stop smoking. My ex-boyfriend quit cold turkey and he praises each day for being able to smell and taste everything again. Plus, adding extra years onto his life. Good job.

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