Well, leaving for vacation soon. Just my husband and I sans children. Yippee!! I will my seeing my daughter’s little elf face every morning…but I SOOOO need this break. We haven’t gone away alone for several years. We will be going to Oshkosh for 2 days and Appleton for 3. We are taking the boat with us and plan on boating the first day along the Wolf River/Lake Winnebago or Lake Butte (tee hee…I said butt). The hotel we are staying in Oshkosh is right on the water with their own boat slips. The hotel doesn’t look spectacular, but the location is ideal. In Appleton the hotel looks pretty nice. I heard that a lot of the Packer players stay there when in town. Not sure what we will be doing there. I know they have the big mall, but shopping is really not my thing…especially when we don’t have the extra money right now. If anyone else has suggestions on things to do, places to see, where to eat…please send them my way!! We were planning on going to the comedy club, but of course the only 3 days they are closed are the 3 we will be there!!

Originally, this vacation was supposed to be a “REAL” vacation…meaning airports, sand and ocean waves. We were also considering a cruise. But, we just cannot afford that right now. I would so LOVE to go to Cabo. Everyone seems to love it. So, I am hoping for that next time. Of course, I also love cruises and they have been much more affordable lately. Ugh. When in thee hell am I going to win the lottery already????

Nonetheless, we will be getting away and that is all I can ask for. Decent hotels (I am kind of a hotel junkie), good restaurants (better bring last month’s pants), hot tubs, a nice boat ride in what looks to be perfect weather…I cannot complain.

My mom will be here with Cassidy – I am very grateful – she took off 2 days of work to watch her. But they should spend time together anyway. I always wish I had more time with my grandparents. So, I think they will have fun together. Hopefully grandma doesn’t pass out…Cass can be…well…just a wee bit INSANE! Seriously, she never stops. Ever. Exhausting. Good luck Grandma Becky!! 🙂


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