I watched the clip below this morning on the Today Show. It only regurgitated everything I have been saying for years now. I am sure I have blogged about this topic before…but being Back to School Time…I think I shall bitch yet again.

First let me tell you that I would be happy if the store Justice went bankrupt. Unfortunately, this probably is unlikely due to the ridiculous prices brainwashed, spineless parents are willing to pay. I have a 10 year old stepdaughter. For about the past year and a half she has spoken endlessly about this heaven-like store called Justice. They pander to the tweeners who wish to dress like iCarly, Hannah Montana and other tween stars who are actually older than tween age themselves. The worst part about this whole “Justice Thing” is that this label mindset is already starting at such a young age AND is now filtering down to my 5 year old daughter. Going into only kindergarten and this little child is asking to wear belly shirts, heels and bikinis. My stepdaughter has known my stance for a long time now, but I am not so sure she understands it. At 10 years old I was getting dirty, climbing trees, riding my bike…I didn’t even know what a brand name was. We got our clothes from Zayre and Farm and Fleet at that age and I never thought twice about it. There is no way and no excuse for children so young to be aware of brand names and insist on expensive clothing. It worries me a lot.

When I was in high school, it was a different story. I was very aware that I was not at the level of other students because my family could not afford the Guess jeans or the Benetton tops. I felt and was made to feel ‘less than’. To think that this could start happening to my kids in ELEMENTARY school??? Come on!! When my daughter starts middle school, I will be choosing one that requires uniforms. It would have been so much better for so many reasons. I know I would have been a better student. I would have been more confident and I would have been much less depressed. Trying to figure out what I was going to wear the next day and when I wore what last…it was WAY too much pressure…I would cry over the simple act of getting dressed. I will do everything in my power to stop that from happening to my kids.

I will NOT however give in to the game. There is no possible way I will allow my kids to wear jeans more expensive than my own. They will NOT wear high heels, pants with words on the ass, padded swimsuits, bikinis, belly shirts, items that say words like ‘hottie’ ‘brat’ ‘sexy’ or ‘kiss me’. My kids will dress like kids and NOT like the trailer park children of showgirls. They will also live by my example as I will not spend 500 bucks on a hand bag or 1200 for a pair of fancy red soled shoes. I am and will not raise them to put such importance to following the leader…because truth is, the leader is usually a douche.

Aside from the lessons a child learns by the clothing they are allowed to wear, another VERY important factor here is that of safety and modesty and giving children the chance to be children. So many clothes in the stores right now are appalling to me. They sexualize children who have no clue what sex even is. They draw attention to body parts which are not yet developed. They place a target on a child visible by the many pedophiles surrounding our communities. Out of all of the women I know, I would give a good bet that at LEAST 80% of them have at some time in their lives been sexually abused, harassed or worse…many times when they were children. Also many times by men close to or members of the family. Having the children parade around as though they are 20 and half naked is NOT a way to protect them.

Parents, you have the right to say no. And even more, you have the responsibility. We are here to teach these souls to become healthy, productive, compassionate, kind, loving and responsible adults. We are not here to appease every whine, beg and desire. We need to teach them these lessons now because the adults I know who did not learn these things as children are now having a very difficult road in life now that they are in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Stop spoiling your children. You can purchase an outfit at Old Navy or Target for 1/3 of the price of Justice or Limited. Teach them the value of a dollar so they know how to handle their finances as they get older. Stop letting your little girls dress as though they are on The Bachelor. Because next thing you know, they will be in a similar sperm laden hot tub.

Okay…officially OFF the soapbox now…(FOR now…)

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2 thoughts on “Little Girls Dressing Like Showgirls

  1. SO HAPPY I HAVE SONS. These are some of my exact fears when I was still living with the possibility of someday having a daughter. Ugh. Parents have a responsibility not only to their children, but to society to raise children with substance.

    1. I completely agree. I will not be having any more children (because I am old and rickety), so when I was pregnant I truly was hoping for a boy. I was certain of it. WRONG-O!!! In a few years I just know the world of hurt and worry we will be facing. (sigh)

      Disclaimer: I DO love my daughter and step daughter…I honestly do!! I just wish sometimes that they were boys. Or at least tomboys!! 😉

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