Below is a link to the written story and radio broadcast. It never ceases to amaze me that the Fox Followers (and I know many personally) still believe this to be a News venue. It is brainwashing, fear mongering and nothing but editorial. There is no news in Fox News and hopefully now people will begin to see how “fair and balanced” they truly are (NOT).

I like this quote from the story:

“We see Fox right now as the source and the outlet for Republican Party talking points,” then-White House communications director Anita Dunn said at the time. “It’s fine if that’s, you know, how they want to build their business model, and we understand that. And it’s working for them. And we understand that, as well. But we don’t think we need to treat them as though they are a news organization the way other news organizations here are treated,” Dunn said.


2 thoughts on “Fox News (Murdock) Gives HUGE to GOP

    1. I don’t watch that, but I do not deny there are overly leftist programs as well. I just hope they are not stupid enough to give loads of cash to the Democratic Party. News programs are supposed to be unbiased COMPLETELY and if they are not, I do not trust them 100% either way they lean. And if a network is going to be all editorial/opinion…then they should represent themselves as such instead of masking themselves in disguise as “News”.

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