The REAL Sentence




The REAL Sentence – August 30, 2006

Today I met with my probation agent. It was a complete and utter disappointment and I am too upset to write much. Apparently the sentence the judge gave means nothing. He said he wished they wouldn’t tell people it was up to the agent because probation can never be less than 12 months. He said counseling is also not up to him (even though that is what the judge said). He said that if there is anything on the judgment about counseling I will have to have it. If I need to take anger management classes I will have to go twice a week for two hours each. But we won’t know that for about a month.


What I do know is that I have to go to the probation office twice a month. I have to pee in a cup. He will be making random stops at my home several times a month, any time of day – unannounced. I cannot have one drop of alcohol (don’t really drink anyway, but still…not even a glass of wine with dinner is allowed). I cannot step foot into a bar. I have to pay 60 bucks a month to be on probation. I will not know the rest of the fees (court costs and counseling) until later.


This is so much worse than I was lead to believe. I am so depressed. I am a good person and I KNOW I do not deserve this. I want someone to tell me how to get over this. I really cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. I really can’t.


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I am a mom, wife, writer, volunteer, eater of food, lover of animals and avid TV enthusiast. I am opinionated, honest, compassionate and sensitive. I can also be difficult, hard headed and emotional. I consider myself to have a great sense of humor and am very attracted to that in others. I am striving to live an authentic life. I am attempting to learn how to find happiness in the now. I always have hope to be a better person. That being said - I can be vulgar, negative and even a little bitchy at times. I say what I mean and my filter is often dysfunctional. With me, what you see is what you get. I have strong opinions and am quick to speak my mind. This can cause problems from time to time but I do not ever intend to hurt or offend anyone. With that - be warned. I do hope you enjoy my site. Thanks for visiting and have a swell day.

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