I was going through some old legal materials. I found the letters friends and family had written to the court in support of me and my innocence when I was being charged with felony child abuse. I want to thank all of those people once again. Dr. Will, J. Plate, Dr. Wolf, E. Kann, P. Kuypers-Davis, K. Emmrich, Mom, My Stepfather, D. Pleasant, G. Jardina, My Brother, J. Kasprowicz, K. Wieronski, My Husband and S. Cowen. Since then, I have received support and understanding and even more important, belief from many others.
I have to add something I have mentioned in the past – but still hurts to this very moment. Not one letter or form of support or comfort ever once came from a member of Charlie’s family. They all watched me raise my step daughter since she was in diapers. They all knew I was her primary caregiver. They HAD to know I was no abuser. They also watched his ex betray and hurt him over and over again until she finally left him like a piece of trash on the road. This, I will never understand. And I wish it would stop hurting me.
A few of them are still to this day friends with her on Facebook. She at one time told me that they requested her. Some of them never have requested me. The people who remained friends with her on there were deleted from my list today. I just cannot sit by and let myself be slapped in the face that way any longer. I cannot understand their thought processes at ALL. I have never left Charlie. I have never cheated. I do not spend all of his money. I pay my bills instead of buying new outfits every day. I raise my own child. I take my own child to her appointments. I buy my child’s supplies, meet her teachers, chose the babysitters, potty trained her, WANT her to be around and put her before myself. None of this can be said by her. I want to say so much more but will not in attempts to be somewhat dignified. But if you knew everything…you would barely believe it. And this is who they chose to befriend. Unless and until they grow a spine and attempt to explain this shit to me…they are NOT my family.
That’s it.

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