I found this letter while staying at my mom’s house this past week. It was in a box in the basement. I do not remember writing it and not sure if he ever even saw it…probably not. I was 18 – just a couple weeks shy of graduation. I was probably pissed he wasn’t coming. He never came to anything so not sure why I was surprised. I often wonder if my step daughter will ever see her mother for what she really is…see the truth in everything. I hope it doesn’t take 8 more years for her to realize I am not the bad guy and am the one who has genuinely taken care of her during her childhood.
I do want to say that I mentioned some mean things about my stepmom in this letter. I was lashing out. I was very angry with her for, in essence, being his accomplice in abandoning us. I have spoken with her since my father’s death and we exchange cards. She is not at all the evil person I thought she was in my adolescent angst.
08-04-2010064657PM.jpg picture by cheers44
08-04-2010065221PM.jpg picture by cheers44

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