I had an appointment for a trim…just to get the frizzies off the ends. And just prior to the appointment I learned of my Impromptu Photo Session w/Photographer, Byron Graves. Michelle Parkhill, my hair stylist of 10 years, never fails me. She works at Partners in Design at 506 Goold Street in Racine, WI. I have not gone to another hair stylist in all this time because she is creative, fast, talented, funny as hell and is just damn good at what she does. I asked her if she could do “something” to my hair when she was finished with the trim because I was getting some pictures taken. She asked what kind of dress I had and in minutes had a hairdo on my head to match 🙂 The pictures are below as well as the ones you can see in the link above. The pics below were taken 5+ hours after I left the salon!! She knows how to make that shit HOLD!! I will look for some pictures of my hair from other occasions to post as well.
But the best part???? If you make an appointment with Michelle, mention my name and you will get FIVE BUCKS off the cost of your haircut. Not only that but you will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE haircut!! And even BETTER??? You will end up with some sweet locks!! Honestly, you will not be disappointed. Can’t get better than that!! So make your appointment now!!! (262) 637-8329

Here are some past pictures of Michelle Hairdos 🙂

My Brother’s Wedding:

Donated my long hair to charity…

And meet Michelle 🙂


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