Yesterday I had an unexpected and neat experience. I have a friend on Facebook, Byron Graves, a professional photographer who recently opened his own studio in uptown Racine. A while back, when I was just starting my weight loss endeavor, he mentioned I should come in for some pics once I lose the weight – kind of like an "after" picture I was assuming.
Well, yesterday I posted that I was going to get my hair cut later that day. He suggested I come in after the salon and get some photos taken. I was SO nervous. I had never done ANYthing like that before. Closest was getting my Senior portraits and I barely remember. I was probably stoned LOL. Anyway, I begged my friend Kim to come with me so her and her DARLING daughter Anya joined me for my impromptu photo session 🙂 I had one hour to get my hair did…paint my nails, throw on make up, change clothes, drop off Cassidy, pick up Kim and get to the studio. I was so frazzled.
But when I got there, it was all good. He was laid back and nice. His studio was a cool spot between Corner House and the new Gerald’s Restaurant on Washington Ave. I had to adjust a bra malfunction with the help of Kim (who also did a great job of this at my wedding AND her wedding…LOL…my boobs have issues and I need a plastic surgeon…) and I was ready (as ready as I was going to get that day…one day I will schedule a session after MUCH more prepping). He told me how to stand as I had NO clue what I was doing. I also have a blinking problem. They HATE me at the DMV…seriously, it takes at least 4 times to get a pic without a blink. But after just a few minutes he took some nice shots and I was on my way. As early as last night he started posting my pics and more today. So fast!!!!!!! So, I am posting the portraits below.
Please, when you are in need of a photographer…for weddings, senior pictures, business needs, family portraits, whatever – go to Byron Graves Photography!! His studio is located at 1505 Washington Avenue  Racine, WI  53403 – 262.358.1654 – www.byrongravesphotography.comByron’s Facebook Page

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