I have been neglecting my blog again. So sorry Mr. Blog. Actually, some of that blogging time was hijacked and it is all the fault of MSN. I have been annoyed with some issues on Windows Live Spaces for quite some time. In order for anyone to leave a comment – which is one of the things bloggers enjoy about having a blog in the first place – one has to sign up for an account. What bullshit. The other blog sites are not like that. Also, Spaces recently took their Stats page off – so there is no way to keep track of hits. LAME. Because of these things, I decided to make an attempt to switch blog sites.

Most all other blogging host sites offer a program to allow the user to import and export their blogs for use elsewhere. Not Spaces, of course. I read everything online, tried several hack programs and I just could not do it. So, my choices are: a. stay here w/o the functions I really would like to have. b. start completely over at a new site. c. copy and paste 5 years of blogs, lists and pictures to a new site. As of today, I am staying here. But only until I figure out a way to move my junk. I spent Sun and Mon trying to bust through this bullshit I barely understand and I can’t even think about it anymore…my head STILL hurts.

However, if anyone out there has any suggestions – please let me know!!!!


Yesterday evening I had my first Zumba experience. Zumba is an aerobic based exercise which uses dance moves and a Latin flair w/loud music. Lots of swinging arms and pelvic thrusts. Thank GOD I was in the back of the crowd. And it WAS quite a crowd. I couldn’t believe how many people were there. If I had to guess, I would say 100. The instructors were on a raised stage at The Oasis on North Beach (Lake Michigan Racine, WI) and the class was in the sand facing them. Got there a few mins late and we were at the very back. I went with my friend, Kendra. Its a good place to be for shame sake…but you can only see the upper body of the instructors. It was basically a lot of flailing around for about an hour. But I laughed quite a bit (at myself) and I know it did something productive because I am still kinda feelin’ it. The only thing, I once again had monsoon eyes. My eyes were runnin like a river or mascara and I couldn’t see shit.

Because of this, I finally decided I have to do something about this. Monsoon Eyes are seriously effecting my life in a very negative way whenever I have to leave the house. And this is while taking Allegra, Nasacort and Zyrtec Eye Drops. Absolutely mental. So I made an appointment with the Allergist. We shall see….HOPEFULLY!!


The Write A Thon wasn’t a mind blowing success. I was far too busy to write much with any decent content. And I just think a lot of people thought it was stupid. Which kinda hurt my feelings. I mean, people do NOT have money right now…so, that I completely respect and understand. I also think a lot of people were put off by half of the proceeds going to me and the other half to RPL. And yea, I was feeling weird about asking for money since some comes back to me…but really, writing is not a professional dream which pays the bills so I understand why they do it that way. And my mom said she really doesn’t care about the library…she already donates a lot to animal charities and that shed rather just give me the money. So I told her not to sponsor me. I did get 4 sponsors which I am so grateful for and sincerely appreciate. And when I get the $40, I am sending it to ADA (American Diabetes Association). I was going to give half of my proceeds, but since it is only 40, I would hate to only send in 20.

I was not disappointed because I wanted the money…I was disappointed on a competitive level. I wanted to succeed. When I raise for ADA I typically get  500-1000 bucks!! Again, I do understand the reasons why. But still, boo.

I am not sure who the 4th sponsor is yet (The Library hasn’t given me all the info)…but I really do want to thank my sister in law, Amy Geyer, my mother in law, Nancy Burke and Sandy Hoaglund (husband’s ex’s stepmother). Thanks ladies, you are virtually hugged 🙂


**a couple ppl brought to my attention that their checks were not counted…I emailed the the guy in charge and he will give me an update Friday. I will let ya know 🙂 Thanks again everyone!!!!!!!!!

As far as the feedback on the writing…only had 2 people comment to me so far. Strangely, they both liked The Power of Anger best. I think I spent the least amount of time on that one. I haven’t heard any other comments or criticisms yet. But I do want to hear them!! So, if you do read them, let me know what you think – either way!! It will help me improve.


I have been mentioning my mom a lot lately. I think because our relationship seems to be strained at this moment. Ever since the President Obama Town Hall. She told me again that she was/is embarrassed and disappointed that I volunteered and support this administration. We just see things as if we live in opposite world.

Well, I am house/pet sitting for her in a few weeks when they go on vacation to visit her father for what may be the last time. He’s not sick in particular, just really old. At first when she asked (and of course I agreed), it was going to be 4-5 days. Now it is 6. And it was just kind of a pain trying to figure out a schedule with the kids and everything. So, I called to verify the times and she was kinda snotty. So I said that she should be appreciative since this isn’t exactly easy to figure out. I asked her how easy would it be for her to leave her house for 6 days. She said it would be hard but that SHE has a JOB. Needless to say, this pissed me off and I hung up.

We went back and forth over the next day and it was never really cleared up in anyway, but she wanted to forget it and thinks we should go somewhere and spend time together soon. I don’t want to have trouble between us…its a waste. I cannot ever expect her to really understand me. And she won’t. We are so very different on so many levels. But she really has been my best friend for many years now and it is sad that the relationship seems to be changing negatively. I do not want to let that happen. So if that means letting go of words or thoughts which hurt me – so be it. She is only 56, but we don’t have forever. And I know I will just die when/if I ever do lose her (I say if because who knows if I will go first…not because I think she is immortal). I suggested going to see Chelsea Handler in Milwaukee in November and staying in a hotel over night. So, we shall see 🙂


Today is day 11 of no smoking. Still not easy…but MUCH easier. Cravings pass much more quickly and are not as intense. Appetite is larger…trying to exercise more. I will be super pissed if I gain any more than 2 lbs. Charlie quit at the same time and we are still at each other’s throats a bit too. I really hope that ends very soon!!! The real hard part is going to be when I have to be around someone/s who are smoking. I don’t know what kind of self control I will have. As of this very moment, I would ask for at least a hit. Not cool. (Sigh).


I am in the process of trying to sell my clothes on Craigslist. I will put the links below. Nothing I have fits me anymore and I really cannot afford to buy a bunch of new stuff right now. What really REALLY blows is that just last year I got rid of a shit load of really cute stuff I was holding onto from before I got pregnant. I finally gave up ever getting back into a 10 or Medium. Guess what I am wearing now? Sure enough. I even bought a size 8 the other day (forgiving brand, however). I am pissed. Anyway, here are the links in case anyone is interested:

Well, that’s about it for now…time for dreadmill before I get too tired and lazy…talk at ya later.


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