It is currently 6:10pm on Sunday July 11th. We returned home from a family vacation up north about 2 hours ago. And in less than 6 hours, writing for the Write A Thon will be over. I am honestly disappointed in myself. When I first entered the fundraiser, I suspected I could write several pieces a day and surprise everyone with my abundance of writing. Well, not gonna happen. The WAT started on the 5th which is when Racine held their July 4th celebration since the 4th fell on a Sunday. Which is an annoyance on a completely separate topic. Anyway, so that day was shot. The next 2 days I was preparing to leave for vacation and on the morning of Thursday the 8th, we left. So, once I realized how little time I was actually going to be able to focus on writing much of anything at all – I was bummed, but still hopeful. I brought the laptop up north and snuck away whenever I could. But one day full of boating and another full of go carts, bumper boats and a VERY long scenic drive…even if I did have the time, I didn’t have the energy.

Subsequently, I have few pieces to count. I suppose I could have started making some original drafts prior to the 5th. But I would have felt guilty for cheating. So, it is what it is. Next year, I will do better!!

It is now 9:50pm and I believe I am all written out. I could use the next 2 hours to squeeze out another poem or two, but they would not likely be of quality as I am absolutely exhausted.

The results…as they stand now…

11 pieces total including this blog.

Approximately 9115 words.

6 poems, 1 short children’s story, 3 journal entries/personal stories, and 1 blog.

In the morning I will be sending out an email to potential sponsors with the numbers, further instruction, links to writings and my deepest gratitude. If anyone is interested in sponsoring me, it is not too late!! The money is due to the library by Friday. Just contact me!!

Thanks all for reading…sponsors or not, it is nice to have readers J


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