You watch these cars circle with fumes filling the air

You cheer for teams who don’t even care


Touchdown, goal, jump shot or homerun

Its all so boring, can you hand me a gun


We pretend to get it, show excitement and enjoy

But most of us gals simply think, ‘Silly boy’


At a hockey game once a guy got hit with a puck

I bet the first words when he came to were “Oh fuck!”


That HAD to hurt, though I did kinda snicker

More entertaining than watching refs bicker


So he slides into home or runs one hundred miles

So they make goals with their heads and land in men piles


What’s the big deal? Who really cares?

Do we get paid for that guy’s dares?


Sports are no fun for me at least

I suppose that makes me sound like a beast


The Packers, Brewers or whatever who

I could care less – now turn on something new


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