I am, for the first time, participating in The Racine Public Library’s Write-a-Thon. It is a sponsor based fundraiser for local writers. Between the dates of July 5th and July 11th I will be writing various pieces to be entered. Now, unfortunately, this is a quantity thing and not quality. And the rules are very loose. So, I made some for myself even if it means not winning. It would be easy to enter old writings or random blathering on a sheet of paper. But I am assuring my sponsors that I will only be submitting new work written ONLY during that week. And I will be entering only pieces I wouldn’t be ashamed to share – which means, I will be writing to the best of my ability.

Sponsorship can work several ways and are chosen by the sponsor:

A. A certain amount per word (say 1 penny per word up to 4000 words – the numbers would be set by you)

B. A certain amount for each piece entered (Example, 5 bucks per piece whether it be a poem or short story)

C. If you do not have time or forget, you can always simply send a check to Racine Public Library and write Heather Rayne Geyer in the memo.

On Monday June 12th, I will send out an email/post which will contain the # of words and the # of pieces written during the previous week. I will also include a link to all of the writing here, on my website. Money and donation sheets are to be turned in by June 15th. The sheets are a record of sponsors for the library – for tax purposes and to send a thank you. I take care of this once you let me know how you want to sponsor. Donations can be sent to me or directly to the library as stated above – but not until June 12th.

Half the funds raised will go to the writers to support their art. The other half will go to support the Racine Public Library’s collection of innovative literature published by small, independent presses.

As you may know, I have been weeding through some minor difficulties in my life and have been looking for ways to, in a way, reinvent myself. Writing has always been a love of mine and something I really want to nourish and explore. I found this event to be a perfect catalyst for that. I will not be collecting for the Diabetes Walk this year. This is my only sponsor-based endeavor for the year. And while I love raising money for ADA and other worth while charities, I found this one to be charitable as well as having the ability to pursue personal growth – which would also benefit my family. At 36, I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up The only interest I have ever felt passionate about is writing. Its what I keep coming back to regardless of where I am in life.

Pledges can be take in any form (well, not rocks or dirt) whether it be check, cash, paypal…it can all be worked out between us. You will also receive a note from the Library when the fundraiser is finished. Also, this contribution is completely tax deductible.

Here is the site where you can get more information…


Please, if you have ANY questions, just email me.

I would really love and appreciate your sponsorship and support – more than you will ever know. Please, just contact me and we will work it out, however you would like to do this!


Heather Rayne


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